I'm going to England next week!

OK, so I’ve known about this for months; don’t ask me why I’m waiting until now to say anything… My grandmother’s 90th birthday is coming up, and there’s going to be a small family reunion of sorts where she lives in England. It’s the first time I’ve been there in about 12 years, so I’m a little curious how things will be different.

The skinny: I’m leaving next Saturday sometime, and coming back on the 8th of September. I’ll also be flying over with my father and stepmother. My grandma lives in a tiny town in the extreme eastern part of Kent, near Ramsgate.

Anyone have suggestions for things to do while I’m there? I may or may not be able to get away on my own (even at 25, I’m still a little hesitant to go jaunting off by myself). What kinds of places do the younger crowd frequent?

Oh, tourist-y stuff I’ve already seen: mostly cathedrals, like St Pauls, Caterbury, Westminster Abbey, and Coventry; the Tower of London & the Crown Jewels, and I remember lots of museums. Anything really cool and/or new?

Have you ever been up North?

I come from West Yorkshire. The countryside up there is beautiful. There are also some nice towns and cities. Scotland is also a nice place, but it is a bit of a trek from way down there. Another thought is the Isle of Wight.

My wife and I have been to all of these places and she really loved them (my wife is an American).

Here is a link to some info on Scotland.
Here is something on The Isle of Wight. We stayed in a guest house called Stonelands. It was really nice.

You can zip around the UK on Ryan Air:

Also check with the Eurotrippers at Forums | eurotrip

Bon voyage – and mind the gap! :cool:

Do the London Eye - http://www.londoneye.com/content/index.asp
It really is fabulous. You can book online. For cheap hotels, http://www.activehotels.com/search/ is rather good.

RickQ, no, never been further north than Coventry. I would like to see Scotland sometime, as my dad and grandma have already taken a trip up there a few years ago. Probably not going to make it that far this trip.

Not that the suggestions so far aren’t appreciated, but maybe I should have been a little more specific. We’ve already got our flight and lodgings taken care of, but I guess I have to find out if there are any activities already planned for the week. How about things that don’t require getting on any more planes?

Tansu, never heard of the London Eye… we may have to give that a shot, even though my stepmother would never set foot on it. :slight_smile:

You MUST do the London Eye, it’s sensational.

After that, you’re only a short walk from the Tate Modern - it’s the new modern art gallery that has opened on the south bank in a former power station. It’s worth going to see what they’ve done to the building even if you’re not interested in modern art.

After that you can walk across the new Millennium Bridge (the “bouncy bridge”) (honest, it doesnt any more) to the north side. Then you’re not far from the newly reopened Somerset House - palace and art gallery.

Other new things - the new Great Court of the British Museum is fantastic.

Also Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament are now both open to the public for tours. Well worth doing both if you’re into history.

Outside London in the south - Brighton is the place to go for night life. Great atmosphere, loads of young people, clubs and pubs etc.