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Quoting from email I received:

your humble TubaDiva
The Straight Dope

Sorry to see you go, Flyp. You’re right, this place is the people. And you were one of the people who made it worthwhile, who kept it from descending into drudgery and bitterness.

Right now, I’m doing my best (at least in MPSIMS, where I’m most qualified to post) to try to make this place fun again. That’s what I do, instead of leaving and hoping that everyone else makes it fun for me. I wish you could do the same, but leaving is your decision. All the best to you, and hope to see you back someday.

Also, and this is just a general question, but what’s up with this “unregistering” stuff? If you unregister, can someone else get the handle? What’s the need of unregistering, as opposed to just, you know, leaving? Won’t it make things easier on people NOT to unregister if they decide to come back? Is it some sort of symbolic gesture?

Some folks just prefer it that way.

On our side, we’d prefer names not be recycled. In fact, we’d be likely to remove any such imposter. (Nicely. And then we would ask them to choose another name.)

UBB doesn’t give us a lot of flexibility; we’re still experimenting with ways to make this work better.

If someone feels like they need a little break and don’t want to be bugged, we can remove their posting privileges and shut off their email notification access and profile listing (on their request); they have but to ask us to have it all reinstated. I really think this is the best way to deal with the issue.

Frankly, at times I think we all need to shut off the computers and go outside, it’s too nice now to be indoors. Anybody up for some softball?

your humble TubaDiva
The Straight Dope

I gotta say TubaDiva is right.
I asked to be dropped a while back, and when I wasn’t right away, I let loose on TubaDiva.
Now I want to say I’m sorry:
** Sorry, TubaDiva, you were not the bad person I said. I was hasty and now I’m ashamed.**

Anyway, I immediately thought of a piece of information someone had asked for and came running back.

I guess I could have just stuck around, but I did have a temper in those days. (The Doc says I’m cured, so he lets me and David Hinkley roam Washington unescorted again.)

Soccer Mom, Pizza, Bridge, and not in that order. Detroiter. No handicap bowler. Former teamster. You got a problem with that?
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Long as you’re back and having fun, that’s really all that counts. :slight_smile:

your humble TubaDiva

Cool–that’s what I was curious about. I wasn’t sure if you disabled them, or deleted their info, or what. Thanks.

Sorry to see you go Saluki! :frowning: