A Message to Democrats

No, not from me.

This just came by on my feed and I found it really powerful.
The gentlemen delivering it, Mathew Cooke is the author, he’s a writer and I think video producer.

12mins long, and def worth a listen.

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Why should we watch a 12 minute long YouTube link without commentary?
Quick summary?

Sorry. It’s kind of hard because he hits on a lot of topics, to be honest.
It’s so well done it would be kinda hard to do it justice really.
He believes Democrats need to have an awkward conversation about some things!

Does that help?

Maybe sum it up or some shit.

He thinks the dems need to get real, face some shit and quit blaming the Republicans.
They have more than a little ownership in this hot mess. Now is not the time to look away.

Sorry, still woefully inadequate, I realize.
Perhaps someone who watches it can offer a better take, than I’ve done.


“Face some shit” is some sage advice. I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Tell him to go fuck himself.

Quit blaming the Republicans for what? Things Republicans are doing?

I watched all 12 minutes and these are the messages stood out to me:

White moderates suck so stop trying to please them
The Democrats can stop Trump by acting like they are in charge/The Democrats aren’t doing their job
The Constitution should have expired a long time ago
Human values are better than materialism

I did not hear a lot of solutions in there. Some great rhetoric but no “if you do x, it will lead to y”. As to his points:

Ignoring or dismissing white moderates seems like a good strategy for pushing them towards Trump. Isn’t that how Trump happened in the first place? Lots of white folks going “I’m oppressed/those brown people over there aren’t being oppressed enough!”

I feel like by now we have seen many many examples of Democrats doing their jobs and trying to hold Trump to account. It isn’t their fault that the system does not account for someone who just ignores all of this or pretends he is not subject to it. They presented wonderfully compelling arguments during the impeachment but no matter how they argued or what they argued the outcome was always going to be the same. If there is something they can or should be doing what exactly is it? What is the magical formula for defeating someone who lies, cheats and has no respect for the system or the rule of law? Saying “we deserve democracy!” is true but you can pass a million bills to that effect in the House and they will still die in the Senate. I have seen Nancy Pelosi answer many variations of this question many times.

I agree that the US Constitution could use a rewrite (and so could the Canadian constitution, what a snore fest that one is!). Modern words for modern times. For example, you could update that Second Amendment to be clear about what a militia is and what well-regulated means and whatnot. Update it so that it is future proof and says “if someone invents a gun-like energy weapon in the future that is super deadly don’t regulate it as if it is a 9mm.” That’s just my opinion. I know there are others who would have the updated 2nd Amendment say “all Americans shall own any kind of gun they please up to and including artillery, tanks, cruise missiles, phased plasma rifles in the 40 watt range, sonic electronic ball breakers and nukes (unless said American is Black of course in which case the police shall shoot them dead upon suspicion of carrying such a weapon, thinking of carrying such a weapon or even having just seen one at any time in their lives).” In any case, the Constitution is built to be deliberately difficult to update. America has a lot of internal strife right now. Busting the Constitution open to make version 2.0 is not going to solve any problems in the short term.

Human values are better than materialism. Absolutely, they certainly are, no argument here. Now watch what happens to people who try to pay their rent with human values rather than cash. Soon we are going to see this playing out all over the USA. Spoiler alert: it will result in idealistic people ending up homeless while the materialistic people will simply find new tenants (and raise their rent to cover the shortfall from the previous ones).

The Democrats certainly have to work hard to present themselves as the best option and to overcome Trump’s inevitable cheating and lies. But I would be wary of anyone saying “this is how you do it!” because this is an entirely new stumbling block for modern democracy.

For starters, it seems that the creator of the video has ignored the moves to legalize marijuana and other efforts to end the stupid war on drugs from the part of the Democratic Party. I have seen studies that point to a big drop of violence and incarceration of poor and minorities just for ending that war.

Others like the Republicans at the Lincoln Project continue to point out that the main ones stopping progress in this front and others are coming from the one that makes the big lie that he is doing a lot for Blacks and minorities on that front. Pardoning a few will not do. Demonizing protesters who are not violent is also not good.

When the opposition is Donald Trump, and the Democrats have to do any more than not shit in their own pants, then the country is fucked. I refuse to appease intolerant, selfish racist assholes. If that’s who the country wants to elect as a punishment for my refusal, well, then the country is fucked.

Pretty much lost me the minute he went from MLK - good - to Marianee Williamson - way bad.

Look, I get it. You believe there’s some hidden, non-voting cohort of people who are just dying to vote for very left candidates. But there’s simply not a lot of evidence for it. If there WAS Bernie could have defeated Biden. Warren could have knocked off Biden. Neither really came close.

Also, for heaven’s sake. The video was addressed to all the power structures of the democratic party and those in the primary race. Am I to assume from that this person/persons believes that Warren and Sanders are somehow not representative of the left and are moderate?

You’ll forgive me if I have my doubts.

Yep, pretty much this.

A lot of the problems that voters - conservative or progressive complain about are problems that have been caused by their own ignorance. I get that solid left progressives are frustrated at the lack of seismic change, but they have to accept that the system is imperfect and that the solution is working with allies, not making their coalition even weaker than it already is. If they want to make a statement, they can certainly primary their opposition - that’s fair game. But once that’s out of the way, support the coalition or shut up.


You can’t list the topics in brief? I can’t be bothered to give you 12 minutes of my life.

Thanks for taking one for the team.


"My intention in this life is to do my best to clear the way and prepare a space so my work can be alive, and spark a light within others, to remind us of who we are and why we’re here." ~ mc

Matthew Cooke is currently occupying a human body on a rock floating in an infinity riddle

He was a surrogate and filmmaker for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaigns

What an insufferable wanker. I bet he writes poetry.

He makes several useful points, all of which would have been good if they had come before the primaries and the adoption of the platform. I hope he re-awakens this in 2023. In the mean time, I don’t see how it can accomplish anything except to be used as an excuse for rascists who want to vote for White Natonalist Facism.

As for those who can’t be bothered to watch, why on Earth, then, are you still in the thread?