A #MeToo take on Don Giovanni

Opera Queensland are doing a new take on Don Giovanni and asking for 200 women who are willing to be naked or partly naked on stage.

Sounds like an interesting take, but I’m not sure of the need for the women to be naked. I suppose it will make the scene more arresting, and, of course, garners extra publicity (cynical, moi?). I hope it turns out well.

In with the prophylactic eyeroll before the deluge of “ugh naked opera singers they’re all fat” jokes.

Carry on.

Leave it to the Australians to support contemporary feminism and the Me Too movement by putting 200 mostly naked ladies up on stage.

And anyone who says “ugh, fat ugly naked opera ladies” has never seen a good production of Richard Strauss’s Salome.

I’m reminded somewhat by one of Shakespeare’s plays, Richard III, where all the people the villain has murdered come on near the end.

Yeah, I think the visual of the slowly massing scores of victims/accusers/avenging Furies could be very powerful, and could resonate with a lot of contemporary experience (thinking of the New York magazine cover of the 35 seated Cosby accusers here).

But, like you, not really sure what the nudity of the vengeful victims adds to the mix. Wouldn’t a character like Don Giovanni tend to react along the lines of “Wow, here’s all my naked babes again! Hell’s gonna be more fun than I thought!”

Next up - the addition of naked women to the Brazilian production of The Barber of Seville, where they subject the villain to an un-anesthetized waxing.


Er, Shodan, pretty much all cosmetic waxing (even genital waxing), both for men and women, is un-anesthetized. Seems a bit, um, anti-climactic as a dramatic operatic-type act of vengeance.

But this is opera - sometimes they need a little help to hit that high note.


Sometimes does more harm than good. See also: “Oh God, who goosed the soprano?”