A minesweeper-style maze!

http://www.faeriewarsgame.com/game.html (you’ll need shockwave)

Just like minesweeper, except you’re actually standing on the squares, trying to get through the minefield. Like in regular minesweeper, you can see how many mines surround a given square, but only for the square you’re currently standing on, which gives an added challenge. Try to get down to the grayish square at the lower left.

WARNING: lots of animated blood and gore and kittens.

That’s great! I love how you can’t turn the gore off (found out by accident). Poor little kitties.

Don’t you just love it when you step on a mine and it sends your hurling across the board where you land on another sending you airborne again to a third mine and you die with one misstep. My highest score is 23 so far. Best time is 50 secs.

The worst is when you land on a square that already has an X on it, so you know you’re going to die, and all you can do is wait for it to happen.