Best Minesweeper Times. . .

Just wondering what people’s personal bests happen to be, particularly for expert level. Personally:
Expert: 120 (though I haven’t even broken 140 in a while).
Intermediate: 39 (I only remember because it took me fewer seconds than there are mines).
Beginner: 7 (got very lucky with the layout of mines).

I’d like to break the 100 second barrier, but I don’t think it’s in the cards. Any of you ever done it?

My best times are 6, 43, and 126, but they are posted as 3, 26, and 95. So no, I’ve never beaten 100 on expert, but if you cheat you can put down anything you want.

How to on request.

I used to be addicted to minesweeper, until my mouse started getting dodgy. My best times are all very similar to yours. I’ve never been faster than 120 seconds on the expert level, and my average was more like 150. Even being fairly fast at it, I’d say I never completed much more than every 1 in 10 or so at expert level.

Yeah, if I don’t care about my time I’ll finish probably 1 in 8 on expert (many petering out with a 50-50 guess right at the end).

doors, I’ve hears tell of cheating with the high scores, my comp. sci. major roommate tells me it’s fairly simple. I’ll ask him if I feel the need, thanks anyway (but feel free to post it here if you like, of course).

With no cheating (people would stoop to cheating on something as pointless as Minesweeper?), my best times are 91 seconds in expert, 34 in intermediate, and 5 in beginner. I had way too much free time last year.

A lost doper, ElusiveMiser, used to whoop ass at that game, 6 seconds beginner, and under a minute on expert.
Damn good.

Under a minute? How is this possible?
I thought that I had it pretty much down to the lower limit at 91 seconds for expert, guessing that the lowest any human could ever do was probably in the mid-eighties. I’m crushed.

5 beginner, 31 intermediate, 86 expert. everyone in my dorm seems totally amazed at my scores. I just figure everyone is good at something and unfortunately my talent is only good for braggin rights on internet message boards. Ohh well I’ll take what I can get

8 seconds beginner, 41 (I think) on intermediate (I got LUCKY), and I’ve only beaten expert a few times. Lowest score was something like 185.

RE: Cheating
Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Here’s how:

1)Bring up the file winmine.ini

2)Change the last 6 lines (names and numbers ONLY)

3)Hi Opal!

4)Save changes
That’s it. Gravy game, though. I just do it to piss my sister off (she’s good at it too but doesn’t know how to cheat)

Best time, any difficulty level: 1 second.

Click a square to start the game, quickly hold down both mouse buttons, and press ‘esc’. This will freeze the clock. Do it fast enough, and you’ve got an unbeatable time…

As far as ‘real’ times go, it’s been too long since i’ve played it that way to remember.