A modern symbological assessment of the ontoligical argument for the existence of God

Testing title attributes.

Let me guess - this is the proposed title for an MPSIMS thread, right?

That’s right, Arnold. For Great Debates, I was thinking of “Is it wrong to wear your Tuesday panties on Wednesday?” :wink:

Y’know, I saw this thread title, and I though “Oh, some newbie posted in the wrong forum. I wonder what his name is?” :slight_smile:

So what attributes were you testing, Lib?

The title reminds me of a quote from Marge Simpson: “I don’t know what it is you have planned for this evening, but you can leave me out”.

Two things: whether it was too long to show up in full, and whether it would wrap properly or cram everything over to the right.

You mean this isn’t a demonstration thread for appropriate debate techniques for the SDMB?



Were you hoping to iron out spelling bugs? (ontological)

Yep, I took care of that.