A more fun picture thread: Photoshop yourself into pop-culture

This should be fun. One note: a lot of people used yahoo in the last pic thread and it didn’t seem to work too well or too often. If you can find something else, give it a shot.


Here’s me as Jesse Custer from Preacher.

And here’s me as the Master Chief from Halo.

Whatcha got?

Well, what I don’t got is permission to view your pictures. :confused:

It works for me if I copy and paste the link, or drag it, rather than clicking.

Grrrrr…they worked last night, I tripled checked them to make sure before I posted. I even found a free hosting site that claimed to allow hotlinking and unlimited views.

I’ll be back when I find a better site to host them on, or if anyone wants to make suggestions here that would be cool.

I’ve got a couple, but my picture host is down right now for some reason :frowning:

Does it happen to be fathom? I talked to Opal yesterday and it looks like they’ll be down until at least Tuesday :(.

2 characters

Cut and Paste the URL until I find a new host. That site claims to allow hotlinking but it’s obviously not working right now.

You might try this site for hosting images.

Master Chief

Now is anyone else going to participate? :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I used that imageshack, as well, thanks for the link. I only have one that is an actual Photoshop, though.

I don’t know why I did this, either

Southpark Me

I know it’s in poor taste, but what the hell…

Here i am.

I never answered this, did I? No, mine is Image4u.org. Usually it’s pretty reliable, but I haven’t been able to get through to it in the last couple of days.


That is strangely funny