A most likely super easy "identify this song"

Can someone help me please identify the song being played at the 1:20 second mark of the following video?

Here it is

When I try Googling the song everyone who asks a question like this keeps getting “Is it Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing?”

I tried to use Shazaam and that didn’t work either

The only thing I’m hearing at exactly 1:20 at that link is Hulk Hogan shouting “Number” and then “Nine.”

Maybe the song is The Beatles’ “Revolution #9”?

Ok fine…1:21 and beyond

That better?

I want my 1:21 (and beyond) back.

It’s apparently a theme song for an appliance brand (?) called Ariston. Here’s a link to what is apparently the full version: Youtube.

The Ariston ad sampled from the Robocop Title Theme for the Nintendo Gameboy.

Thank you both!!

How very weird…

Also funny thing is I used to have that game. Must have been why it sounded so familiar to me