A Multiplex question

A minor question about the webcomic Multiplex.

There was a recent storyline about Max having sex with some of the women who worked in the theatre. He got caught with Ariela. Neil asked Max if he had slept with any other employees and Max admitted to sleeping with Khady (522). But we had already seen that Max had slept with Lizzie also (495).

So my question is why Max confessed to sleeping with Khady and not mention Lizzie? If he was trying to hide things from Neil he wouldn’t have admitted he slept with Khady and if he was trying to come clean with Neil he would have admitted he slept with Lizzie.

I know - overthinking these things. But it’s bugging me.


As I recall, the last time I posted a question about Multiplex I got a response from Gordon McAlpin himself. I apparently am getting the opposite end of the spectrum this time.