A murder of crows. Make up your own collective noun.

A brew of baristas.

A giggle of pre-teen girls.

Oh, man. That dates me! I would have said “A blume of tweens.”

A thirst of vampires.

A snootful of facemasks.

A “Wait–Wait; don’t tell me!” of Bill of rights invokers.

An isolation of stay-at-home orders.

A contagion of anti-maskers.


Which would obviously lead to a bunch of wankers.

A delicious irony of COVID-infected anti-mask idjits

One person’s irony is another’s total predictability.

A denial of MAGAheads.

An obstruction of Republicans.

A Giuliani of obsequious coots.

A Stub of 1" long pencils.

An embarrassment of Trumps.

A triumph of Bidens.

A scum of Republikans.

A Trumpeting of lies.


A phantom menace of antifas