A new email scam

My husband received this finely crafted letter on Monday:

We’re gonna be rich!!!

(Where’s Mangetout? Feel like playing with these people? :D)

Copyright 1995?

Be nice if they could spell fiduciary and fuduciary cosistently.

I vote for real. After all, what sort of lottery organization doesn’t operate out of a steak house?

OMG! That’s too funny!

I wonder if the administration of Malaysia’s Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris is aware that an e-mail address attached to the school is being used by the scammer.

I think the lotto scam is about as old as the typical Nigerian 419 scam. At least I’ve gotten emails like that since around 1997 or so. The twist I’ve seen over the last two years is slightly more targeted scams. I’m a photographer, so I have received three emails over the last few years that are obvious scams. My favorite one is this one, which arrived in my inbox with the senders name listed as “Nobody.” :slight_smile: If that weren’t suspicious enough:

There was another one I got which actually listed the address of the supposed “party.” The address made me laugh out loud, as, if it really existed, would have been somewhere about a mile or two in Lake Michigan.

Ah found it:

Actually, that one is my favorite. I love the name (“John Coward”); I love the fact he found me after an “effortless” search; I love the seemingly random use of “b4,” but no other Internet abbreviations; I love the fact that he asks me for airfare charge (considering, presumably, he target my with the Chicago address because I live in the city. I suppose I could fly from Midway to O’Hare on a private jet); and I love the fact that the address, were it real, would be somewhere in Lake Michigan.

Oh, and one more. That phone number? 009 is the international dialing out code for Nigeria. From here, I’d have to dial 011 44 702etc to reach an English number.

I get a lot of these fake lottery scam emails. they are exceptionally hard to bait - they cut to the chase really quickly, demanding lots of ID and contact info (the latter of which, they test) and they just cut off communication the moment you play anything other than a very straight game.

Thanks for thinking of me though. It probably is about time I embarked on a new scambait venture.