A new podcast from Popehat!

Serious Trouble

Popehat is the nom de Web of former Federal prosecutor and current defense attorney Ken White. He is a popular legal commenter online and sometimes in print. I see him quoted from time to time in legal and political threads here.

He formerly had a podcast called All The President’s Lawyers (with Josh Barro as co-host and interlocutor), which mostly dealt with various legal issues arising from the presidency of Donald Trump.

That podcast wound down shortly after the Trump presidency ended, and this is a new retooled project from the same team, with a broader focus on legal cases in the news that are not always related to politics.

Anyway, I always found All The President’s Lawyers hugely entertaining, and if you liked that, this is more of much the same!

I’m excited too. I’ve also really liked most episodes of Josh Barro’s new podcast.

Unfortunately the only way to subscribe, as of a few hours ago, was to give your email to Substack, and then be sent a unique link to the RSS feed, after an up-sell.

There is a free level of support, and I can always close the email address I gave them, if Substack decides to abuse it.

I guess I’ll hear the first episode after listening to 83 hours of shows in front of it.

Hi echoreply! I did not have to do anything like that; I just searched for the title in my podcast apps (Apple Podcasts and Overcast).

You can also listen to it directly online here:

Their website could be clearer.