It's Time For An Official PODCAST/PODCASTING Thread

The subject of podcasting has come up several times on the boards. Threads such as:The current IMHO thread by jimmmy:Tell me about iPods,

Our resident space cadet, Tuckerfan’s: NASA Podcasts, They’re Not Just For iPods, and

A debate that died quickly, WpgTriniman’s: Podcasting is here to stay?..

Someone also once asked. ‘Where Is Cecil’s Podcast?’ (But I think that was a rhetorical question).With podcasting just over a year old, I figured it was time to start a new thread where you can:[ol][li]Discuss (and link) some of your favorite podcast downloads. Tell us what’s good about them.[/li]or
[li]Toot your own horn and tell us about podcasts you yourself have produced & made public.[/li]or
[li]Share any other thoughts or asides you may have about podcasting.[/li]or
[li]Post any questions you may have.[/ol]We all knew the fire-and-brimstoners, audio porn creators, political extremists and frustrated DJs would get into the act…Have you? Will you?[/li]
I myself don’t produce my own podcast because I hate my voice & my musical tastes & various opinions aren’t shared by many others. But I do have a ‘must download’ recommendation:The unofficial audio tourguide of NYC’s MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) linked @ => The Art Mob blog.I downloaded it a couple weeks back and after checking it out last week, I can assure you it’s an ingenious, cutting edge audio companion. The fact that people from the art world are starting to whisper about how good this sound-seeing experience is says all there is to say about it.

This Week in Tech is a weekly podcast produced by Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose and other former TechTV personalities. It’s sort of the unofficial heir to The Screen Savers. They spend an hour a week talking about tech news, answering listener questions and generally having fun. The nice thing is that they’re taking donations so they don’t have to take advertising, so they remain completely impartial when it comes to discussing companies and products.

The show is distributed over BitTorrent and Coral every Sunday, and rumor has it that based on Steve Jobs’s keynote at WWDC this year, it’ll be available through iTunes shortly.

Ronald Moore, producer of the new Battlestar Galactica, did a few podcasts for the last few episodes. Sort of like the commentary track on a DVD, except you play it while watching the show. (It even tells you when to pause for commercials.) I assume he will be doing more when the show starts up again in July. They are quite interesting.

Note to the iPod users out there - podcasting support is built in to iTunes 4.9, so it’s all kinds of easy to check out now. I’m listening to NPR’s “On The Media” (which is excellent) right this very moment.

Someone else suggested This Week in Tech to me too, and I guess I just don’t get it. They rambled on for 20 minutes before saying anything remotely technical, and when they did, I couldn’t even hear what the guy was talking about because he was talking under the other hosts. Fortunately they didn’t hear him either, and asked him to clarify later (he was talking about a new Nvidia card). The main host seemed capable but the cackling hen guffawing in the background and the guy who sounds like a robot running out of batteries (apparently this is intentional) were just dumb. Not to mention the whole thing was just shoddily produced - people talking over each other, volume fading in and out, etc. Heck, it’s free though, so I’ll give it another shot though next week.

Speaking of the free thing - how do these people make money? Is this all Adam Curry does for a living?

Any must-hear political podcasts out there?

I don’t have iTunes 4.9 yet, but I briefly saw a plug for Air America’s “Al Franken Show” on Apple’s podcast promo images, so I imagine there’s a podcast out there somewhere.

Okay, a quick Google search turns up this page of Air America podcasts/BitTorrents…

One of the most popular podcasts out there is RevTim’s Podcast: “Bringing hope and inspiration to the whole world!”

No, it’s not me. But I got the “revtim at gmail dot com” email address before that pretender did!

[Nelson]ha ha![/Nelson]

Brian Lehrer’s 2 hour WNYC-FM NPR podcast. Though sometimes too local for non-provincial NY’ers - Lehrer is one of the best hosts out there. Even conservative columnists like John Podhoretz say

I can’t get the Air America podcasts to work on iTunes 4.9. As far as I can tell, they require BitTorrent, which iTunes does not support.

However I have been listing to Air America podcasts using iPodder. My favorite is the Rachel Maddow Show (“The Front Page of Air America”). You get all the major news (with a liberal slant) in 40 minutes.

You picked a bad one to start with. That was the first time Jessica Corbin had been invited to do the show, and that show was very disjointed to begin with. TWiT is usually a lot better than that.

Leo’s on vacation, so Patrick is gonna be running the show for the next two weeks. If it ever gets out.

Sigh… sometimes I just feel invisible…
Anyway, it was rhetorical. I was honestly suggestiong the Straight Dope podcast a spoken-version of the column.

I command this thread to rise… RISE!!!

For anyone who missed 'em, here are two other podcasting threads that have been posted at one time or another:

I thought I’d bump the ol’ thread to mention a podcast I’ve discovered lately that I’m enjoying quite a bit, NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. It’s a weekly trivia show that covers the week’s news in a humorous fashion. The few shows I’ve listened to have been hilarious, and it’s mildly informative as well.

While we’re on the subject, what has happened to all my free podcasts? :mad: Stephanie Miller is charging. Air America is charging. Where’s a feller to go for high quality full-length podcasts these days? Thank goodness for NPR.

Anyone else discover any good ones lately?

Hey, don’t forget about me:

I work in public television, and several of our productions are available for podcasting. KET podcasts. Also PBS has made several series available, including the NewsHour, Nova and American Experience. PBS podcasts

You work for KET? That’s pretty cool.

If I can ever get a LexDope together, you should come.

Some great podcasts on the history of classic rock bands and albums can be found here:

Rock101 Podcasts


::: waving ::: Hi, Brian! I would indeed. I’ve also met a number of Dopers, who came here to see me! :slight_smile:

The Ricky Gervais podcast is the only one I listen to.

This is the best I’ve heard, although I noticed towards the end of their first (and only?) season they started to play some ads, probably because of the incredible popularity of it. (Correct me if I’m wrong and they played ads in the early podcasts). Still, a great podcast.

One of the best shows on radio, period. Usually listen to it “live” (i.e., when broadcast) but if you can’t do that it’s well worth the time via podcast.

I’ve got a number of podcasts, mostly from NPR, but also James Lileks’s Diner and Voice of America’s Special English newscast. I’d kill to work for VOA and a knowledge of their Special English (which is English with a limited vocabulary and spoken very slowly) would help.


My buddy Scott Sigler’s podcast novel website (for which I am the designer):

He just started his next sci-fi/horror novel Infection last week, so the first episode is up right now.

He’s also done EarthCore and Ancestor which can be accessed from that site as well. They are weekly episodes about 45mins each.