A new rule for the BBQ Pit.

It’s a military thing. Now that you know what it means why should it be mroe annoying than WTF or AFAIK or IRL or any other Boardism?

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot

Exactly. It’s annoying to see “dog put in blender”-like stories in the pit. Yes, we all agree that that’s horrible. It’s not like that’s public policy to do such a thing.

And “I wanted to swear so I put this in the pit” frankly pisses me off. Swear any-the-fuck-where you wanna lay your jizz-lappin mouth wants to. Stop acting like an unlaid twat infected with puss-filled sores and crusty ass nuggets and just get your swear on anywhere. The point being that there’s a difference between swearing at a poster and swearing at a post/idea/article/etc. Learn it, live it, suck it.

I agree with the OP 100%. Those types of threads just seem pointless to me. While I wouldn’t advocate a rule against them, I’ve never really understood the appeal of wallowing in the worst actions of the worst of humanity. Do we really need a fresh round of outrage and name-calling every time some asshole somewhere does something particularly disgusting or inhuman? What’s the point?
[sub]Disclaimer: these are of course the opinions of Giraffe the poster, not Giraffe the moderator.[/sub]

But, without these threads, how will I know the next time a bus full of gay orphans gets hit by a drunken driver in an SUV who then beheads them all and burns their pets and forces the severed heads to eat chili with human parts in it? Huh? What then?

I was going to do it after finals. :smiley:

Yes! The worst are the ones that link to a news article, have a sad face and then say “And since this is the pit: Fuck!” It’s beyond annoying.

I miss the days when the pit was a place that newbies dare not venture out in and even some of the charter members stayed away. I would love to return to the raging pit of old where lame OPs would be flamed clear out of existance. Now the pit is just MPSIMS with a few swear words thrown in.

And for those who say ‘if you don’t like it, don’t read it.’ I don’t. When I see that your thread is so lame that you can’t even bother to write an OP, I stop reading it. It’s just annoying that it takes up space on the front page and encourages more people to write incredibly stupid things like that. I’ve sometimes wanted to come in and argue for baby killers or goat rapers or whatever it is you are ‘so outraged’ about just because your threads are so horribly boring, but I know that would be against the rules.

askeptic - because it’s long and pointless. WTF gets to the point much quicker and clearer. No one says ‘Situation Normal All Fucked Up’ they say SNAFU.

Believe me, I not as mad about this thread as you think I am, as the OP is about the kinds of threads (s)he’s talking about. I just said for the OP to kiss my ass because his reasoning is irrational.

Because it’s just so unbelieveable that people can do horrible things in the world. What’s so wrong about venting and talking about them? Politics and Religion have been responsible for many murders, yet it’s talked about day in and day out here on these forums.

I’m not going to swear like I do in the Pit, in MPSIMS. Most people on these forums know where the bad and the ugly reside. And that is The Pit. So thanks, but no thanks. Please don’t instruct me to swear all over the SDMB.

I use the Pit to vent on things. And I use GQ and the GD to try and understand things. So today I may swear about todays events, and tomorrow try to understand them elsewhere, in a more civil manner. And if people don’t like the dog in blender stories, they’re free to stay out of them.

Wait for the movie starring Paris Hilton?


I am definitely with you.

What really fucking pisses me off is when people don’t even bother to post a proper OP. Just a link and a one-liner. Fucking put some effort in or fuck off.

I’m still waiting on an explanation on the Whishey Tango Foxtrot.

I, for one, welcome our Whishey Alien Overlords.

Now that I can get behind! If it pisses you off enough to post in the Pit - revel in it! Glory in your pissedoffedness! If all you have to say is “Grrr”, go talk to your dog.

I agree entirely with the OP. I’m sick of these “link - what the fuck is wrong with people? angry face” threads, inevitably followed by the “it’s crimes like these that make me a supporter of the death penalty” schtick, not to mention the prison rape clusterfuck.

I try to avoid these threads, as they do not have any redeeming qualities whatsoever, but sometimes it’s not easy. At the very least I could do with a tag for the topic of these threads, like [outrage wankfest].

Dirty, nasty swears. I’d rather poke my eyes out than see them. They’re so ugly and unrefined. Tsk tsk. When will people learn? :rolleyes:

Of course, I didn’t fucking “instruct (you) to swear all over the SDMB”, did I? I said do it if you want to. So it’s really more about consent and permission than about instruction.

Yeah, and we’re free to bitch about the chicken little lameness, the pampered pooch prissyness, and patheticness of the lives of these people that start, propagate, and post to the inanity.

Seriously, how many threads are taking up real estate and resources that start off “(lame)” or “I know this is lame, but”. Kick that shit over to MPSIMS.

What if the person who spiked the baby is discovered by an investigative reporter to be in favor of declawing cats? What if (s)he drives a SUV?

And watches pan and scan DVDs? And is fat?

I’ve fucking had it with the anti-baby spikers. Know-nothing Know-it-all liberal pansies just seeking to trample over other people’s ways of life.

How unbelievable that someone might create a thread that someone else doesn’t like!

When someone mentions the “F word” does that officially make the thread a trainwreck? Or does that only occur after one mentions Nazis?

All I can say is: Kilo Mike Alpha.

Some of my best friends are baby spikers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

What did he say? Was that about me?