A new rule for the BBQ Pit.

You could have just said Foxtrot Uniform this is the Papa India Tango, you know.

Now that’s funny. :wink:

Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform!


Put me on the “agree with the OP” bandwagon.

Yes, there are people who do nasty things. Welcome to the world. That the guy who chopped up his 2 year-old and fed it to his Presa Canario’s before going on a child-sex tour of Sri Lanka is not a nice man is one of the very few things pretty much everyone on this board can agree on.

If you need an “outrageous news” fix, I suggest www dot dailyrotten dot com

(Don’t be scared by the association with www dot rotten dot com, it’s just a summary of nasty news stories from around the world).


My vocabulary of insults has increased exponentially since I joined the boards. I love the pit!

Venting. Like most other Pit threads. I assume that people writing such threads feel the need to share the story with people they’ll assume will share their indignation. Or they just need to call the culprit all sort of names and the forum is convenient for this purpose.

Oh good, everyone agrees with me, you big bunch of tarts.

And just to be nice (well this is the Pit after all, hoooo) I wasn’t really remarking on anyone’s thread in particular, except the baby-spiking one of course.

As I see it, there is only one thing to do. Allow people to bitchslap the arsehole out of each other in ALL the forums. And start with Cafe Society.


Agreed, but it’s the need itself I don’t get. The media is culling out the worst actions of hundreds of millions of people. For regular people to collect these stories and seethe in anger over them seems to me to be a recipe for despair, not to mention an incredibly distorted view of people as a group.

You’re new here, aren’t you? To the planet, I mean. I’ve known from the age of four that people fundamentally suck, from first-hand experience. How can anyone not believe that humans do horrible things to one another?

Godwin! Godwin! starts jumping up and down “I win! I win!” runs skipping and hopping into the sunset

Hey, this is America. You wanna put babies on spikes, you go right ahead.
Baby kabobs for everyone!

They taste like chicken, you know.

I just wanna chime in and agree with the OP.

You wanna pit some horrible news event? Then actually pit it. You know, with the creative insults and the fun expressions of utter outrage. Not this weepy, whiney bullshit. That’s not a pitting.

I’ll send you an e-mail. With pictures drawn by me. Some of them actually having to do with the e-mail, even.

I agree with Fortean and could somebody please point out to Roger T that this thread has made it to over 50 posts and no one has criticized the OP for “Newness”.

Fat Nazi threads are instant disasters.

Well, I’d really rather not. May I have a miniature American flag instead?

Could someone please move the OP to a different thread, cause the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot hijack is the more entertaining one.

I hate Fat Illinois Nazis.

Baby kabobs for some, little miniature American flags for others.