A not-good day.

Today was most definitely a not-good day.
I woke up this morning, and I needed to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, I had school, so that wasn’t an option. So I get to school.
I go to Spanish, my first class of the day. I I find that my original Spanish teacher, who was an awesome teacher, now has a scheduling conflict, and will not be able to teache the class for the rest of the year.
I go to Hebrew class (I go to a Jewish school, as most of you don’t know). Instead of having Hebrew, we have Israeli dancing as a “special treat”:rolleyes:. Normally that would be a good trade off, but due to extremely bad luck, today I chose to wear the one pair of pants I have that have a problem with the fly. It WON’T stay up. I can zip it, and five seconds later, my boxers are out to sightsee. This could be an OK situation at a desk, but not while dancing.
Next, I get my chemistry test that I took the day before back, and it’s a 72. With a +10 point curve. Then I have to grind my way through an hour and a half more of chemistry, as the teacher drones on in monotonous voice with a thick Moldovian accent.
Then it is announced that the next day, we will have a guest lecturer for english class. The guest lecturer is our principal. Our principal’s sole purpose in life seems to be to tell us that we won’t get into college. It’s absurd. Not taking one course as honors? “You’re not going to college.” Not taking all available AP courses? “You’re not going to college.” Not drinking purified mountain spring water? “You’re not going to college.”
(OK, I made the last one up. But she did say the other two.)
And the last one, though probably unintentional, hurt the most. I called my girlfriend today, to wish her a happy birthday. At the end of the phone call, I said “I love you.” We usually end our conversations like that. Usually, it’s “I love you,” followed by “I love you, too.” However, she hung up. I don’t know if she actually heard me, and it’s possible she didn’t, as the phone sucks, but it still hurt.
And as my not-good day comes to a close, I still have to do fifty-seven algebra problems for homework.
I can only hope tomorrow is a bit better.

So in other words, you have a girlfriend and are receiving the benefits of a private school education.

Eh, can’t say I sympathize.

Fuck it. I can’t compare with you people. All my pit threads have been utter disasters. I’m sorry for wasting precious bandwidth on this.

Well, I feel for ya, XW. Sometimes days just suck. Isn’t anyone allowed to just vent here any more without some asshole coming in and giving the old “Well, at least you have arms and legs- suck it up, crybaby!”

I guess not.

Once again, I wish we could post general gripes in MPSIMS like we used to and reserve the Pit for flaming posters and those such uses. These days, you don’t even want to make a post that your house burned down because someone will come by telling you how it’s all your fault.

Ugh. I feel ya.

Not in that way ya pervs, it is an expression of understanding.

Hate when the little things add up and they start to not being like “water off a duck”. Also it sounds like you were bored, that is the worse.

Tomorrow try picturing all of the teachers as nekkid. Just remember to make it a funny nekkid and not that “lose your cookies cause you just pictured that 150 yr old English teacher nekkid” nekkid cause you might want to eat sometime next week.


Thanks deb2world, for making me laugh. And thanks to both you and Zette for understanding.

I know the feeling.

Because school sucks sometimes, it really does.


~My locker is in a completely different wing of the school than most of my classes.
~I have the same absentminded teacher for Psychology and History.
~I have first lunch shift, which is so early that I’m hungry again by the end of the day.
~I have to share my Latin 5 class with the Latin 6 class, which is annoying and is probably going to screw up my grade.
~There’s too many kids on my bus and today I had to share with a seventh grader, which was ok, but I think she was scared of me.

XWalrus2, things will change. Things will be different tomorrow.

(Ididn’t say they would be better, just that they would change.):smiley:

Relax. Welcome to life.

Don’t worry about it, people tend to reply as such in pit threads regardless of what it is. I’m sure their insightful gems such as “F+ for effort, try again buckoo” or “Stop whining!” helps you to feel better.

Don’t worry, I’m sure better days are ahead. I find the first few days/week of school is hard, because you’re not used to it after months of summer vacation.

You know, school would be a lot easier if you didn’t care about it so much.

Sorry life’s been crappy to you. I made similar grades in high school chem, and got into multiple colleges, if that makes you feel better. And I remember when I would live or die by the tone of my girlfriend’s voice on the other end of the phone. That does end, and it does make life easier when you don’t stop speaking to one another for weeks at a time because one of you was pissy to the other about something totally unrelated… that can snowball quickly. Don’t let it get to you too much.

And if it makes you feel better, I was at someone’s Barmitzvah party in 8th grade and got laughed at by all the beautiful girls in my class when they caught me dancing with my fly down. So at least that didn’t happen to you.


Oh, don’t get so bent out of shape, man. I was just attempting to point that the good things that are evidently going on in your life, in my usual smart-ass way.

I prescribe a good wekend dose of teenage mischief, including getting drunk at a keg party and throwing up on a Hot Babe.

You’ll feel better by Monday.


It gets better. Ya just gotta wait. :slight_smile:

makes me feel glad im not in school anymore!!
and i know how you feel about the i love you incident cuz it happened to me too. Just brush it off and try saying it again maybe a lil’ louder next time :slight_smile: