A not-very-interesting Windows mini-screwup

Windows Explorer ended up showing me this.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have eight J: drives, nor half-a-dozen installations of Macromedia. But at least My Documents are well Shared :dubious:

Heh. Let it never be said that Windows isn’t, at the least, good for amusing people.

That’s weird - was that list completely scrollable, or did it break/mess up when you tried to navigate it?

It looks like everything is backed up though, just in case.

Um…dude, your first and last names are clearly visible. Maybe you don’t care, but thought I should let you know.

In other news, I love your first name. :slight_smile:

Thanks to the mods, removing my stupidity which Anaamika pointed out…“GorillaMan’s Documents” :smack:

If this was an important thread, I’d put the image elsewhere. As it is, I’ll let it wither away…

(FWIW, yes, this was fully navigable, I could access every duplicate version of the folders/drives, with all behaving as you would expect an individiual folder to behave.)

Thanks. Although it’s a real pain at times, when I’d like to be ‘Adam’ or ‘Edward’.