Jesus FUCK how do people deal with Windows????

I swear it is not fucking possible for me to be in Windows for longer than 5 minutes without wanting to STRANGLE Gates & Co.
So, having said that…can anyone tell me where the fuck the files are that I downloaded? I am running Windows XP, Explorer, never changed anything. (via Parallels…it’s strictly for emergencies like this…FUCK… BLOODY FUCKING HELL…)

Seriously… how is that when I click on “downloading files” in the help, to find out WHERE thefucking files get downloaded TO, it goes on and on about viruses and safety and never just TELLS ME WHERE THEY ARE??? Or how to DECIDE where they SHOULD GO?

Citibank, Wells Fargo: PLEASE create QuickBOOKS data files on consumer checking accounts, it’s GOT to be simpler than THIS!!! GRRRRRR (trying a qif to qbo data conversion tool…)

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The above is me pounding on my keyboard.

Just name the file something like, “windowsblowsbloodyFUCKINGhell.dat”, and then you can search for the specific file, finding out what folder it’s in in the process.

It’d be funny if it was on the desktop, though, that’s where all mine go.

Default download location in XP is to the Desktop, I believe. Or just do a search for the file you just downloaded. Why didn’t you look to see where it was downloading at the time? I don’t download anything without knowing where it goes.

Sounds like a Id 10 t problem.

I can’t figure out how to search, either!

And as for naming it, when it comes to bank downloads, the bank doesn’t ask, it just sends the documents via whatever the default is…

Might be a PEBCAC .

Man, remind me not to be around when you’re driving, as little attention you pay to what you’re doing…

I left the microsoft world in the mid 90ies (Win 3.0 was hot back then), I know how you feel, I’m about to explode after 5 minutes if I end up at a windows machine.

Btw. my guess would be the files end up in the Documents folder.

Well, I never found them, but I managed to get them from the Mac side… god… I have never used Windows when it didn’t leave me crabby and cranky and ready to slap someone.

Steve, take me away…

Hint: not windows

It’s the browser. Go and set the default to something better. Like the desktop.

As the above poster mentioned, as far as I know it is the browser that decides where a file goes, not Windows. Which browser are you using? If you are using Firefox, theres a really handy feature that will take you directly to the folder with the file--just bring up the download box (tools-->downloads) and right click on the file you want. Open Containing Folder. Dont know about IE.

No, the default location in XP for IE to save things is the “My Documents” folder, which can be accessed by clicking the icon on the desktop.

It’s determined by the browser settings and not Windows, so pit the right product please in the future. Are you using Internet Explorer or something else?

To search in XP, you can right click on the Start button and it is a choice in the pop up window. For Vista, left click the Start button and there is a place to type in the search term immediately above the Start button.

If you are using Internet Explorer, then from Microsoft help:
When you download a file from a Web page in Microsoft Internet Explorer and choo…When you download a file from a Web page in Microsoft Internet Explorer and choose to save the file to your hard disk instead of opening it, Internet Explorer prompts you to select the folder in which you want to save the file. By default, the folder in which you last saved a file you downloaded with Internet Explorer is selected.

When you download a file from a Web page for the first time after installing Int…When you download a file from a Web page for the first time after installing Internet Explorer and you are prompted to select the folder in which you want to save the file, the Windows\Desktop folder is selected by default. Until you select a different folder, the Windows\Desktop folder is always selected by default. When you select a different folder, that folder is selected by default until you select a different folder.

They are in the folder you downloaded them to… you get to select that when you download.

I don’t really get all the Windows-hate. Obviously it’s not perfect (what is?) but I’ve been using Windows since '95 and I’ve never found it all that difficult or horrendous.

Windows is easier to use if you’re not drunk and/or insane.

It’s easier to bitch about it than it is to learn about it, even though learning it is ridiculously easy.

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Whenever I misplace something I use Windows-F (or Ctrl-F when in Explorer) to search.

As is usually the case, the OP blames his ignorance on the operating system.

Click the Start button.

Choose “Search.”