Jesus FUCK how do people deal with Windows????

One common cause of frustration is when the user is familiar with one operating system or program and then attempts to carry out an operation in another. What seems obvious to a practiced user can be completely unintuitive to someone used to another system.

I’m not a Mac user, but could part of the problem be that Windows gives you choices, while Macs just do it?

Mr. Stoid, alias PEBKAC, although I share your lack of love for Wee Willy, a little more attention on your part would make things easier. Almost every download sequence in every program tells you where the file will be going and most offer a chance for you to change it before the action starts. Usually the file name is given, too, and often you get a chance to change that as well. If you gloss over these steps, you are doomed to a search for a file whose name you don’t know, so rots of ruck with that.

And over time, you could use your intelligence (something computers have none of) to observe what the default download location and file name are. Two hints:[ol][li]Some programs allow you to permanently specify the default location and [*]Most programs, if not closed between downloads, will use the same location as the previous one for subsequent files.[/ol][/li]When all else fails, if you can at least remember part of the file name, you can use Start->Search or Find to search. Learn to use wild cards here – they are incredibly useful. Learning is better than pitting.

Windows uses “Find”, not “Search”, in 95 and 98; “Search” in XP. Don’t know about Vista or other OSes.

Coincidentally, that’s precisely how I feel when I have to use a Mac. I want to like them, they’re so pretty and shiny, but the goddamn things just make no sense and make me want to hurt somebody ::headdesk::

In vista hit Start, at the bottom ot the start window you’ll see a text bar that says “start search”. Type in what you’re looking for and hit enter.

What everyone else said is true, though. If you bother to look before initiating a download you’ll see where the file is going and what the name is. Not to bash the OP but this isn’t a windows problem, its a user problem.

I’ve used a mac before. We used macs exclusively when I worked at the Pentagon. But I don’t like the way they take some things out of my hands. Of course that was a long time ago when I worked there, but at least in my opinion they aren’t as versatile as windows PCs.

A coworker once told me that I should get rid of my PC and get a Mac because they’re faster when doing work in photoshop. By something like a few milliseconds he claimed. Wow…that few milliseconds could be really hindering me, gosh darn it. :rolleyes:

I don’t hate macs, I just prefer windows PCs for my own reasons.
[li]Macs are more expensive[/li][li]The software is more expensive…since software made for macs doesn’t sell as much as windows based software. Maybe thats changed, but I don’t see a whole lot of mac software on sale. [/li][li]windows ain’t perfect, but normally I can solve windows problems and I’m no genius at that. I probably couldn’t with a Mac.[/li][li]I can upgrade my PC rather easily. [/li][li]I can repair a PC rather easily, even if I have to replace parts.[/li][/ul]

I can understand though why some people prefer a mac. But they’re not for me. Maybe one day I’ll get one, but right now I have no reason to except to say *I have a mac. *

PS: whats PEBCAC?

Problem Exists Between Computer And Chair, I assume.

I’ve always seen it was PEBKAC, though. K for keyboard, to rule out the keyboard actually being the problem. :smiley:

Another thing. Most of the people I support casually have never learned to navigate the tree structure of file storage, which is common to all computers in use today. No wonder they are confused on a regular basis. If you don’t know this as a minimum, don’t waste your time using a computer or asking me to help; you can’t drive a car if you don’t know which way to turn the steering wheel.

I know, I know…Wee Willy doesn’t make it easy, with default displays hiding some files and all file types and incomprehensible icons, but there’s no way to prevent a learning curve from existing. Some curves are pleasurable while others are just steep.

Just remember…if you’re frustrated, you’re not alone, and someone else has probably found a way around it that you could learn.

The OP sounds like someone who lost her car keys and is angry at her house for hiding them.

Windows? Is that still around?

Yeah, as others have said basically a problem of the user not knowing how her machine works. Take a few to get acquainted with the basics of the Windows operating system–XP has a ‘Tour Windows’ option under Start->All Programs->Accessories that might help. I’ve never actually used it so I’m not sure how much it covers.

Amen to that. I’m accustomed to XP. My wife recently got a laptop with Vista on it. Damn thing drives me nuts.

Sad thing is, there seems to be no practical reason for the many changes in the user interface. Apparently the gang at Microsoft is utterly unaware of the ancient maxim, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

You also don’t have to use Explorer if you don’t want to-you can download Netscape, or better yet-Firefox. And I don’t know WHY you wouldn’t want to download Firefox.

Because she can’t find it afterwards. Do try to keep up.

You could also have tried to download them again and looked to see where the new download would have went. You really did have the option to choose where they would have gone but you clicked through the options too quickly. You could have easily set up any default location of your choosing in the first place with ease. You could have very easily searched for them.

I’ve been using Windows since the beginning with very little problems. The whole Macs are easier to use than PCs thing is so 80’s.

Would you suggest that a newly licensed teen who can’t find the ignition switch trade in their Geo for a BMW?

I muck about with moving and reorganizing things on my PC a lot and have a fat clumsy fingers so I lose things on a regular basis…

Say I lose a picture I just moved. I go grab another from the same place and slowly SAVE it paying close attention to where it is being sent. Usually my lost picture is in that same folder that I have no idea how I selected in the first place … Especially hard to search for if I have not renamed the picture from the IMG-3726389476262 or DSCF-2348976132498763124 that the camera labeled it.

  • What hajario said.*

I’m not one to jump on Microsoft bashing bandwagons, but I have to say that Vista stinks. I’ve been using Windows since v2, and there have been good and bad versions, but nothing as bad as Vista. I’m fairly Windows savvy, but, amongst other problems, Vista is not intuitive, and deviates far too much from XP to no good purpose. That’s it - it’s deviant.


Of course, once she conquers her simple problem she could manage to download it to said desktop. (I myself made my own folder labelled with my name and put all my downloads in there-arranged in their own subfolders) I guess I’m just not used to PEBAKs like Stoid.

[sub]And I HATE IE.[/sub]

Man I came in ready for some epic rage at Vista, but Stoid man I just don’t get you. It’s easy as fuck to find files in XP. Hell I figured out file finding on Windows 95 easy as pie back in the day when I was 11.

you click start then find or search.

All you need is basic literacy to easily figure it out.

Then you cite macs, some the weirdest most arcane computers in existence. Like the mice. Why the fuck do they have one button? You need two buttons atleast. apple click means I need two hands to do what I could do one handed. How the fuck you mac users masterbate to internet pron? Do you have a third hand?

You can also search by date created, modified or accessed. If you know the extension, to boot, you can narrow your search considerably.