A.O. Scott on Colin Farrell's Hit List!

Yow–did you see the Times’ review of Miami Vice? A.O. Scott didn’t eviscerate the film so much, but listen to him on Colin Farrell:

Ouch. Only a matter of time till Colin gets Russell Crowe to hold A.O. down and beat the bejabbers out of him.

Somehow, Mr. Scott has been able to look into my mind and put to paper the opinion I myself hold of Mr. Colin Farrell!

Opinion around the office is that Colin Farrell once said “no” to A.O. Scott. Which is, of course, ridiculous–Colin Farrell has never said “no” to anyone.

Oooooooooh. take my hat off to you, if I wore one, and if I wore it indoors.

I’m a fiend for mojitos.

As with many man-candy actors, Colin Farrell just has to look beautiful; he doesn’t have to act well. But Gong Li is in this too? The screen might ignite with all the beauty it is trying to contain.