A once in a lifetime event, that all devout Dopers must see!

In case you missed it, or just didn’t know it ever happened, here’s a “Doper’s Believe It or Not” for the SDMB!!!

Chief Scott posts a smiley!!

Sorry Chief, but this is just classic. I hope Opal adds in the archives of the Teemings Homepage. I doubt any of us will ever see this happen again. It’s all in good intent.

He’s gonna come lookin’ for you, man! You ain’t safe no more! You’re mocking the Chief, is what you are!

Ha! I’ve seen him use a smiley deliberately! It was in a good cause - ChiefScott is a class act.

I don’t know if this should make me feel safer about my sig or more afraid…

Now let me remember to click the button to show what the HELL I’m talking about!