A pay cut & screw up my life..where do I sign up?

My job entails shift work. When I was hired nearly 2 years ago, it was with the understanding I would be graves/mids. Its been at least a year since the shifts stabilized to their current configuration. Everyone who works here is happy with the shift they work. What is the obvious solution to this crisis you ask?

Well I’m glad you asked. We should fuck everyone over by jerking the shifts around citing a need for “training”. Jesus Christ jumping naked on a pogo stick. Now I have to scramble to find a baby sitter for 2 months. To make it even cooler, we’ll start this shit in June, just when school lets out.

Let’s not forget the pay cut part. It’s wasn’t bad enough that they cancelled our bonuses. It wasn’t bad enough they held off on raises until April, then gave out a miniscule raise. Now they take away my 15% shift differential for June.

God damn this job market that keeps us here as practically slaves with no other options. And for those who will say, “well at least you have a job”. Yeah, I know, and so does management. That’s why they feel free to do whatever the fuck they want. Bastards

Hm - sounds frighteningly similar to my situation…

That’s why I’m getting out of the airlines…

Ooooh, the airlines. I feel for you. I’m in telecomm which has been hit almost as bad as the airlines.

I’ve been sitting here thinking of the bright side of this. Like being able to go for a beer after work, haven’t done that in about 4 years.

The only other good thing I could think of was the folks I’ll be working with that month. Looks like they put together a pretty good crew. This could be a bad thing though, 'cause management might get to liking how dayshift works together.

Actually, I’ve been out of the airlines since November 6th, when bankrupt airline #2 shut its doors.

Ugh, telecom eh?

I wish I could make a helpful suggestion regarding your kids and all, but I can’t think of a thing. Good luck!