A PDF Reader that maintains last zoom level

Does anyone know of a PDF reader that maintains the last zoom level? IOW, if I open a document up and it is zoomed at 250% and I switch it to 80%, I want it to open at 80% next time I open. (Actually, my customer does. He has bitched at me about a document I link to about 20 times this week.) This is for the desk top.

PDF-XChange Viewer


Thank you for the response. I have passed the information on to the client.

If you are using the actual Adobe Acrobat software to make the PDF you can set the zoom level it will use when it is opened. The default is “fit in window.” You can specify 100% – or whatever – instead.

We are linking to 3rd party manuals. Actually, the customer will link to whatever documentation he has, be it PDF, DOC, pictures, whatever. I just ask Windows to launch the file path in the record. So we don’t have control of the settings in the document.