A pipe bomb in our neighborhood - WTF?

A loud boom sent us and our neighbors into the street to see what the fuck was happening. It was loud enough to rattle windows and realign the wall hangings. Today we find out that a “large pipe bomb” detonated right across the bridge from where we live and gouged a sizable crater in the park over there.

::spit take::

Whuk? I mean. . .what the fuck? In Portland, home of the friendly, city of hugs?

Some people don’t like hugs.

There was a series of pipebombs attached to cars in Salem two years ago, plus the bomb in Woodburn at a bank last year that killed two officers. I love my state, but it’s no safer here than anywhere else anymore.

Interesting statement in that news article

You mean manufacturing them out of anything else is OK?:confused:

The Metal Pipe-Bomb Makers’ Guild has some serious pull at Court.

Wasn’t there some sort of Anarchist flashmob in Portland today? I thought I read something about it.


They were protesting two recent police shootings. Rev. Jesse Jackson was in town today as well, but not part of this crowd.

<tinfoil hat=on>
The bomb was the second in as many weeks. Perhaps they were mere “tests” for something down the road that will not take place in a remote area of a park.
<tinfoil hat=off>

I live about five miles to the east…and it shook my house. When I found out how far away it was, I couldn’t believe it. I had headphones on and I thought it was at most one street over.

I don’t have much faith in the PD’s investigation, but I hope whoever set it off is caught. They ain’t plain’ around.

Oh, very nice!

<small applause>

Well, the Public Library Association was in town…

Somebody might have misread that as the PLO.

Hell, I’d rather get on the PLO’s bad side than get between the PLA and a sale at Chico’s, if you know what I mean.

Don’t get the PLA angry. They’ll throw the books at you.

I read the linked article, loved the poll at the end, but this is what really interested me: twitter/google triangulation map.