L.A. Pipe Bomb Hysteria

O.K. It seems a pipe bomb or something exploded at a Jewish temple in LA. Fox news would have you believe this is a huge news story. Helicopters are flying over the scene! A piece of the device landed on the roof of a neighboring building! OMG! The sky is falling! No one was hurt. Apparently, very little damage. What’s the big deal, Fox?

Ummm, it’s Fox.

Would it be a big deal if the same thing had happened at a mosque?

Um, this is kind of a big deal in my opinion. And yes it would be a big deal at a mosque. A pipe bomb pretty well implies intent to harm a lot of people, and dropping it on a place of worship suggests ideological motivations. I think that’s terrorism defined, and we should pay attention to where and why our attempts at stopping terrorism fail.

Nothing about it on the CNN website

Any kind of bomb is uncommon in L.A. What do you think it is, Baghdad?

Wasn’t a bomb.

Ah, in that case yeah, Fox was being ridiculous for preemptively declaring it a bomb.

Actually, in spite of my previous post, bombs are pretty common around Hollywood, but they usually sink without a trace.

They are also frequently confused with turkeys.

You can (try to ) be funny, but it happens. When I lived around the corner from Franklin and Western, they found a bomb in the trunk of a car at the gas station there. So they locked down the neighborhood, and towed in this huge metal canister-like thing which they threw the device into. They the exploded it inside, and everyone went home.

Maybe things have changed, but I lived in L.A. for 30 years, and I can’t recall any terrorist bomb going off. There was a bomb scare once at Shakey’s on Laurel Canyon, but it turned out to be a hoax.

Was too.

I thought it looked like pipe encased in concrete. Where did someone get the idea it was space junk?

It was Sally.

(And now I’m mad.)