A Pit thread for Asahi

I leave for up to a year at a time, which is evidently unremarkable, as is my return.

I considered phoning it in.

Aye, asahi went off the rails.

You’re driving too fast? Jail. Slow? Jail.

Say, whatever happened to susan?

The funniest part of the Baldwin thread is Madsirderp practically wetting his pants trying to convict him of something…anything. Hell hath no fury like a Trumpie after their dickhead Jesus gets mocked.

Recent meltdowns have led to a predictable conclusion to the story.

Time for the street corner doomsayer to find a new corner.

Well, shit. Now my ignore list is empty. Again.

I didn’t really mind his doomsaying (because he did have a point, however shrill he was in making it), but the homophobic slurs in the baseball thread were waaayy over the line.

(And stupid, too. He was objecting to baseball players wearing braces to prevent injuring their hands while sliding; what’s quote-unquote "unmanly’ about that?)

He’d have been more tolerable if he gave more of a sign he actually cared more about helping people than feeling superior to us dullard masses.

Goddammit. He was an ass, the only person I ever had on certain lists (for a year or so) in my time here, but it sucks to see him flame out like this.

The internet, man, just a fantastic vector for mental disorders.

You don’t know whether or not you’re talking to a dog, but you know for sure he needs professional help.

At least this time, he’s only demanding jail time. Last year, he was calling for Adam Savage to be executed (but would settle for life without parole). :roll_eyes:

It was worse than “unmanly” it was that he compared them to gay men because of course being gay is unmanly in his mind. And then he said that beards on baseball players is also unmanly. Like what the fuck is more manly than a full beard?

I thought it ironic that he was damning Baldwin for an idiotic over-the-top drunken rant.

Will not miss

Correct username for low IQ guy. Never been a Trump fan. In fact I asked the mods if I could post a Trump Should be Assassinated thread.

Tee hee

Save me a seat…

Probably not the 1972 A’s. Though a whole team looking like the House of David would make me look for where the playoff hockey game is.

Anyway, while I think the armor is getting ridiculous and don’t care for the aesthetics of the sliding mitt, that doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the use of replay to call a runner out because he just barely came up off the bag at the end of the slide.