A Pit thread for Asahi

When he isn’t being our own Dennis The Peasant, he’s spouting shit like this:

Seriously, dude, where do you get off with shit like this? Go stick your head in a pig.

What did the pig do to deserve that?

Aw fuck it. I’ll just have some popcorn and see where this one goes.

Your quoted reference sounds to me like a rather heavy-handed attempt at sarcasm, but being this is asahi we’re talking about, you never know.

But I will support this pitting on the basis of my general annoyance as his semi-hysterical postings about how all is lost and his “I’m-smarter-than-thou” writing style having caused me visual problems due to having rolled my eyes once too often while reading an asahi post.

Man needs Prozac…and if he’s taking it, up the dose!

I do feel sorry for the poor guy. Someone needs to set him up a GoFundMe to pay for a set of "The End is Nigh! " sandwich boards, so he could spend some of his time on the streetcorner and give folks here a break.

I have absolutely no problem with the shit asahi posts, considering I don’t see his posts anymore. I recommend more of you join me in this, which will remove any temptation you may have to feed that troll.

You will learn. He will teach you.
At least, the white people. The negros already get what he’s laying down.

He’s using his idol Huey Freeman’s rhetorical technique of putting taboo words in the mouths of other people. He just doesn’t have the balls to go the whole way.


“I wouldn’t expect you to understand. You’re white - correct me if I’m wrong (I’m not wrong).” -asahi

See, I told you people this would happen! You all scoffed at me, laughed at me and made fun of me, but I was right! Admit it!

btw, all whites in the South, Midwest and Rocky Mountains are KKK members.

I don’t think he’s a troll, I think he’s sincere. Asshole? Yep. Irrational? Sure. Incapable of actual debate? Hell yeah. But a troll? I don’t think so. And I too don’t see his posts. Makes reading the board a lot easier.

Get me one too, I’ll go help him. He might be crazy but I like him.

I’d tell him to go stick his dick in a pig’s head, but he’d only disagree that that’s the conservative way of doing things.

Frankly, the mods should have let him complete his suicide by mod after the ATMB Huey Freeman banning thread.

Even worse, it’s a piss-poor analysis of what Northam’s probably thinking.

Being on the far left, I’m experiencing the same fun that folks like Sam Stone probably get when doorhinge or WillFarnaby posts. Sometimes you just wish someone would shut the hell up and stop making your side look bad.

To be fair, Bone did give asahi a warning over the post that I Pitted him over, with the comment:

So suicide by mod isn’t a done deal, for sure, but it’s still on the table.

This sort of a thread may cause him to do that. I’m not going to yell, “Jump!” at him.

I wish there were a way to mark a thread so I could find it later.

When Trump or his supporters do something vile, we get the resident right-wingers on this board doing their typical “oh both sides are extremists” nonsense, and invariably they will use asahi as the poster child as the left-wing crank who speaks for all Democrats (at least in the minds of Shodan, HD, etc).

Here we have a very opinionated progressive, RTFirefly, going out of his way to say asahi is a nut. This made me think, “When is the last time that Shodan pitted doorhinge? Or HD pitted that Erudite fuckstick, whoever he is?” The answer is obviously, never. And when the “both sides do it!” chorus arrives again, I’m going to remind them of it.

I prefer Sapporo.

Fwiw I started an ATMB thread disagreeing with that warning.

Nah, we’ve moved on to LLL.