A pitting for Paul_was_in_Saudi

Me too! Do you specialize in the types of stamps you don’t collect? I used to not collect commemorative stamps, but lately I’ve switched over to not collecting sports stamps. Must be the influence of the Olympics.

I mostly don’t collect stamps with presidents on them, but of course, not collecting any stamps is my real passion.

I just read the thread in question – I don’t know what happened to Paul_was_in_Saudi, but he has really become a flaming asshole and disingenuous poster. He was never on my flaming asshole radar before.

I have the world’s largest collection of stamps I don’t collect.

As a philatelic agnostic, I don’t know whether or not I collect stamps.

That’s really pushing the envelope.

Typical mail response.

How dare you pit him simply for being a conservative! His view that gay sex is an abomination before the eyes of the lord os totally valid and we should love and cherish him for it. You are a mean mean bully for pitting him, a fate worse than death. Echo chamber, hive mind, liberal mods. There, I think I hit all the highlights.

Lol, are you agnostic towards Quetzcoatl, or only towards Jesus?

I’m a hard a-non-philatelist. I don’t merely have no belief that anyone is a non-philatelist, I have a positive belief everyone is a philatelist.

It’s worth repeating:

Atheism is a religion like “OFF” is a channel on your television.


First of all, good job, boys and girls, covering what atheism really is. I would like to point out that madsircool managed to get agnosticism wrong, too. Speaking as (maybe) an agnostic myself, I have certainly never asserted that “it’s impossible for human beings to know anything about how the universe was created”. In fact it’s surprising how much we already know about the origins of the universe, and we’re learning more all the time.

But I’m not really sure if I’m agnostic. By current definitions I suppose I’m also an atheist. Not only do I not have a belief in an omnipotent deity, like many of you I also do not have a magnificent stamp collection. And after watching Jay Leno’s Garage, I also do not have a large and growing collection of beautiful antique cars, including some very rare ones and even some models that are entirely non-existent. I don’t drive them much because they’re not insured.

Television “channel”? What are you talking about, grandpa?

I’ll put it in terms the new generation will understand. Atheism is a religion like the black screen on your phone is an app.

That’s Positive Atheism

Haha! Nicely done.

Lysenkoism, aside from being rejected by scientists around the world, wasn’t accepted by geneticists and agronomists in the Soviet Union. It only flourished because it had prominent political backing. It was ludicrous from the get-go. Genetics was a flourishing field in the 1930s; Lysenko however denied the existence of genes.

"Lysenko forced farmers to plant seeds very close together, for instance, since according to his “law of the life of species,” plants from the same “class” never compete with one another. He also forbade all use of fertilizers and pesticides…
Outside the U.S.S.R., people sang a different tune: one of unwavering criticism. A British biologist, for instance, lamented that Lysenko was “completely ignorant of the elementary principles of genetics and plant physiology … To talk to Lysenko was like trying to explain differential calculus to a man who did not know his 12-times table.”

As for the “Science wuz wrong before” ploy, it’s commonly used by dingbats and denialists to reject well-established science based on ideology and superstition.

Not a good look.

Here and I thought “Gotmituns” just meant their hands were cold.

( See? You really can learn things in The Pit… )

I love this post because it shows very clearly the paradigm under which Paul thinks and therefore demonstrates exactly why he doesn’t trust science.

It was never the apogee of science. Even in its time, it was clear that the results of Lysenkoism were not based on the scientific method, and other contemporary scientists called it out for that. The conclusions drawn were not based on independent study, the peer review process, or any scientific principals. So it was rejected.

But Paul thinks in the mindset of a True Believer. Those Who Know (Scientist is just the Atheistic equivalent of Prophet, right?) tell us the Truth!, and we all believe the Truth!, until a new Scientist comes along with the New Textbook and we all follow him instead.

And like bald is a hair color.