a poll for past and present servers: what's been left on your tables?

through out the last four years i’ve seen things forgotten by tables… and things left intentionally. here are some of the weird ones:

the insole of a shoe… just one.

money from uzbekistan (it took me a while to figure out where that was from)

a dirty diaper… that means the child had to be changed at the table or the diaper carried back from the bathroom.

i’m sure there are others hiding in the back of my mind. any one else find anything interesting?

When I was a kid working at McDonalds, a woman changed her baby’s diaper on the ordering counter. In front of a full house. I was appalled.

Nobody said “I’m sorry, there’s a bathroom for that?” I find that hard to believe…


I once witnessed a young couple change their baby on a table at a fast food place. And no, nobody said anything to 'em.

I never ate there again.

Well in this thread http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=171743&highlight=masturbate+at+Fridays I commented on the most revolting experiences I ever had working as a “server” (although I always prefered the more descriptive and perhaps accurate “donut wench”)

As for the strangest things ever left for me.

Condoms… Three of them, actually unused, in wrapper…but inside the coffee cup full of old cigarette buts, cold coffee, and moooshy napkins.

A fake five dollar bill, with local radio celebrities face instead of Sir Wilfred…

A stack of pamphlets and tracts from the local Jehovah’s Wittnes brigade.

One adult size slipper made to look like Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer, (and this was in August, a little off for Christmas)

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. Im there were weirder things…just cant think of many right now.shudder

i think people are a little too shocked to say anything. it’s not a common occurence… well, at least i thought it wasn’t.

the little be saved by jesus pamphlets i’ve gotten a lot of… then again i’m in the south. they’re normally accompanied by a 10% tip. (at least they finally realized that they should put some money in there!) one of my co-workers was ranting about that one day… “but i only give 10% to god!” her reply was “that’s 10% of your income. i’m only asking for 15% of your bill.”


“Not enough money!”

Can we add weirdest things found in a movie theater? At the theater I ran for several years people would leave behind things that I would think they’d miss immediately and come back for: a DKNY silk jacket, an Eddie Bauer men’s winter coat (nearly new) and never come back for them. The most craptastic things though they come racing back for in a panic. (“Did you find a cheap beaded souviner coin purse from Mount Rushmore with 13 cents and a rusty paperclip in it? Oh, THANK GOODNESS I thought I’d never see it again!”)

A table completely covered in baby vomit, classily hidden under many paper napkins. May they burn in hell.

Just as an FYI, where they should have taken the baby was the car. A staggering number of fast food restaurants do not have changing tables, even those which are situated near a heavily-travelled interstate exits and benefit from state road signs directing traveling families to them. May THEY rot in hell.

I doesn’t justify changing the baby somewhere where people plan to eat, of course.

A dental appliance. What’s super gross is that I knew who it belonged to. I put it discreetly in a little paper bag until the grandson of the dribbling old man whose mouth it had fallen out of, came in to pick it up.

A friend reported that he works at a concert hall and once found a butcher knife in the seating area.