A Poll...Thanksgiving food preferences

Similar to this thread, but I want to know which way the food winds blow amongst my fellow Dopers.

  1. Gravy, giblets or not
  2. Cranberry sauce, jellied or whole berry
  3. Stuffing, oysters or not, inside the bird or outside
  4. Turkey, roasted or deep fried
  5. Potatoes, candied sweet, white mashed, or hash brown casserole

For me, my family traditionally had giblet gravy, both kinds of cranberry sauce, both kinds of stuffing (sans oysters)(my wife’s family is the oyster stuffing group), roasted turkey and candied sweet potatoes.

  1. No giblets in the gravy, but we always made broth for gravy using the neck, heart and gizzard.

  2. Both, usually. My husband likes the canned stuff. My mom usually makes a version with orange in it.

  3. I put some stuffing inside, my mom only puts it outside. I don’t believe I’ve ever had oyster stuffing.

  4. Roasted. How do you make proper gravy from a fried turkey?

  5. Whole or pureed sweet potatoes, not too candied. (My dad is diabetic). White mashed potatoes.

  1. Definitely with giblets
  2. Whole berry
  3. Inside the bird, not so sure about oysters
  4. Roasted
  5. Candied sweets
  1. No giblets, no way
  2. No pref, not that into it
  3. Outside, not sure about oysters either
  4. Roasted
  5. Mashed!
  1. Prefer no giblets, but really don’t care
  2. Prefer whole berries, but really don’t care
  3. Oysters? What twisted other dimension did you come from? Seriously? Oysters? Yuck!
    Prefer stuffing outside the bird, but really don’t care.
  4. Roasted turkey. Deep fried is for flyover states.
  5. Prefer candied sweet potatoes, but will settle for mashed. Hash brown casserole is for office potlucks.
  1. No giblets – but we’re not much of a gravy family anyway.
  2. Whole berry.
  3. No oysters and outside the bird (I’m a vegetarian, so I insist)
  4. Roast, but usually chicken instead.
  5. Mashed

With giblets.
Whole berries.
No oysters but with sausage (preferably andouille). Outside the bird
Both mashed white potatoes and candied yams.

I don’t know if I’ve had gravy made with giblets or not. My grandma died about 20 years ago; that was the last time I had any kind of decent gravy. Do giblets make a difference to the taste?
No cranberry sauce.
Yes, stuffing. I like mine inside the bird, but I’m not likely to ever get it that way again. Definitely no oysters.
I’ve only ever had a roast turkey. But I’d try a deep-fried one.
White mashed potatoes.

1. Gravy, giblets or not

Not. Not ever.
2. Cranberry sauce, jellied or whole berry*

Either will do for me. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll go for the whole berry.

3. Stuffing, oysters or not, inside the bird or outside

I’ve never had oyster stuffing, and we cook our stuffing outside the bird and call it “dressing”.

4. Turkey, roasted or deep fried

I’ll eat either happily, but my Granny does hers in the oven.

5. Potatoes, candied sweet, white mashed, or hash brown casserole

Yes please! (We have both white mashed and a sweet potato casserole)

  1. Gravy no giblets

  2. Cranberry sauce jellied

  3. Stuffing no oysters outside the bird

  4. Roasted turkey

  5. Mashed potatoes with gravy from above. The sweet potatoes go in pie.

  1. No giblets;
  2. Whole berry made from fresh berries;
  3. Stuffing, no oysters, out of the bird;
  4. Roasted;
  5. Yes. (We usually have both candied sweet and white mashed with buttermilk and butter.)

Yes. It ruins the gravy.

Giblets are what they put in pet food.

  1. Gravy, giblets
  2. Cranberry sauce, jellied or whole berry
  3. Stuffing, oysters or not, inside the bird or outside
  4. Turkey, roasted or deep fried
  5. Potatoes, candied sweet, white mashed, or hash brown casserole

I’m all about the gravy, baby. Everything else is merely a vehicle for the delivery of said gravy.

Lots of giblets, and chopped boiled egg, in the gravy.
Both kinds of canned cranberry sauce.
Dressing outside the bird. (oysters? ewww.)
Roast turkey, sometimes a baked ham too.
Candied yams or sweet potato casserole.

  1. I can go either way, but since I’m the one making the gravy, usually, it’s no giblets. Choppng the giblets to add to the gravy is just another step and deprives the cats of a treat.

  2. Whole berry, although I grew up with jelled and have the Foley food mill Mom used to make it.

  3. Cornbread, outside the bird. Scalloped oysters as a side dish.

  4. I wll gladly eat roasted or fried. We’re brining and smokng this year.

  5. White mashed. Sweet potatoes fall into the category of “I wouldn’t care if they were rationed.”

  1. Gravy. As MadPansy64 said, it’s all about the gravy, baby. It better be homemade, and made from drippings. I don’t care if it has giblets in it or not. I don’t use them, but my mom always did. We’re eating at my sister’s this year, and I don’t think she uses the giblets, either.

  2. Cranberry sauce must be whole berry, preferably homemade also, with orange marmalade and walnuts. The jellied canned stuff is for kids.

  3. Stuffing. Yes on oysters. If I’m making it, it’s outside the bird. I never stuff my turkey. NO STOVE-TOP STUFFING! It must be real stuffing.

  4. Turkey. Again, if I’m the one making it, it will be brined and roasted. I’ve never had one deep-fried, but I’d love to try it sometime.

  5. Potatoes. Must be real mashed white potatoes, not instant. I hate candied yams and sweet potatoes. My mom makes them with bourbon and marshmallows with pecans on top, and they’re just freaking hideous.

There must be mashed potatoes. In my family we still complain about The Year Mom Didn’t Make Mashed Potatoes.

  1. Yes, gravy. No, giblets.
  2. Ugh, no cranberry sauce. I think my mom is the only one who liked that stuff, and even she finally gave up on it.
  3. Stuffing or dressing, but no oysters. Or nuts. And it has to have crunchy bits.
  4. Roasted turkey. Nothing against fried, but roasted for Thanksgiving.
  5. Whipped mashed potatoes. And I’m putting butter on 'em even if they are Yukon Golds and you’re not supposed to need it. My family also likes sweet potatoes, but I can’t stand the things.

I like all the traditional T-day stuff, but what I really look forward to is thinly sliced, breast meat sandwiches, w/ thinly sliced sweet onion, Miracle Whip and horseradish on various types of bread. I love eating these for several days after the turkey is history.

  1. Gravy, giblets or not: Either way. Giblets are best, along with boiled eggs.
  2. Cranberry sauce, jellied or whole berry: Whole berry.
  3. Stuffing, oysters or not, inside the bird or outside: * Outside the bird. No oysters. Oysters are meant to be battered and fried, or served raw on the half-shell.*
  4. Turkey, roasted or deep fried: Either way is fine. I LOVE the fried turkey best, though!
  5. Potatoes, candied sweet, white mashed, or hash brown casserole: Mashed white potatoes are my favorite, but candied sweet potatoes will work. Sweet potatoes best belong in a pie, though. Hash Brown casserole is to die for. Any of these work for me just fine.