A pop culture question about Mr. Rogers

Without reruns,how many times has Mr. Rogers changed his sweater and shoes on his program?

You’ve all secretly wondered about this yourselves, admit it.

According to this page:

There are 260 new episodes a year. He’s been on for 32 years (give or take a couple months)

So, not taking any hiatuses into account he has changed his sweater and shoes and sung that song about 8320 times!

Try this:

Wow. This is why I LOVE THIS PLACE. My mental figuring was alot lower. I never thought the man did 260 new shows a year.

the amazing thing is that it’s the same pair of socks!which explains why that Speedy Delivery guy is always in such a hurry to get out of there.

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This reminds me of a strange story I heard about Mr Rogers. I’ve been told that he was a sniper in the Vietnam War before he went on television, amassing the largest number of kills by a sniper before he was discharged. This definitely has the makings of an UL, but I suppose that there is the slight possibility that it is true. Anyone know anything about this?

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Yes, it’s true. Fred Rodgers, along with Dave Thomas, John Denver, and Ruth Westheimer was a member of the elite 105th Celebrity Sniper Battalion (“The Shooting Stars”). Jerry Mathers also was a member of this unit before being killed in action.

Mr. King, if you noticed the posters name it is Longhrn 99. which is translated as Long on Horns, short on brains for BELIEVING this stuff… I mean, the next thing you know is that Paul is Dead.

Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness.

HEY, unless you’re an Aggie (and I hope you’re not), you can’t make cracks about me being a Longhorn. In any case, I didn’t say I believed it, I just said it sounded strange. If you’ll notice, I said there was a SLIGHT chance that it was true. I didn’t say I believed it was true.
[sarcasm]And Paul IS dead, my uncle’s best friend’s girlfriend’s brother’s son told me that if you played Revolution Number 9 backwords it says “Paul is dead” over and over again, and I tried it and it DID!![/sarcasm]

“There are many sweeping generalizations that are always true” -Space Ghost

Say, didn’t Mr. Rogers shoot Paul McCartney? :wink:

Nah, he was the guy behind the grassy knoll in Dallas.

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I wondered how long it would be before some Tsip showed his lack of class. Still a little soon isn’t it ,Long? I knew Fred Rogers I was a friend of fred Rogers and that ,sir, was no fred Rogers.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

Okay, just to give one straight answer here. According to one of my handy-dandy TV reference books (unfortunately, I don’t have it here) Mr. Rogers started as a show on a local public TV station in the 1950s, some time before the U.S. started sending troops to Vietnam.

I now return you to the smart-alecks.

If I’m not mistaken, Fred Rogers was a minister before he moved to the Neighborhood.

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Fred Rogers was, is, and evermore shalt be an ordained Methodist elder. However, AFAIK, he does not serve a church as its minister, considering the show and its spinoffs his ministry.