A post from a pomeranian



I’ve been taking care of a friend’s pomeranian, and he’s been trying to get at the keyboard. I gave up and let him make a post.

Where the hell is Pomerania anyway?

I don’t think it’s a place; I think it’s French for “this dog will bark at an atom decaying, but it’s so friggin’ cute you’ll put up with it.”

Oh you can’t get madat the poor thing, they’re just so cute and fluffy. Well you can get mad because that yippy little excuse for a bark gets really annoying, but don’t do anything to psychologically hurt the poor thing, it’ll develo issues, and are you going to be the one paying the doggy therapist?

It doesn’t really bark that much. Besides, the owner claims they were bred to be watchdogs, so it would against thousands of years of (in)breeding to try and stop it.

Obviously, if they were to be used as watchdogs, it would be to bark as an alarm, and not to physically threaten an intruder. Unless, they expect the intruder to be made weak by the sight of such a cute little furball.

It woke me up this morning by licking my face and pawing my chin. I was made weak by the utter cuteness, and I almost couldn’t get out of bed. The smell of its turds on my carpet help counteract the cuteness, and I was able to regain my motor skills.

Awww, how sweet. Be happy you don’t have the demon mutt that currently resides in my back yard, it’s almost as talll as I am and I’m 5’4" He’s a German Shepard/Chow Chow mix. Pimpollo, my doggy, probably barks more than your fluff ball watch dog does and you can’t just pick up my dog.

So a pome whatsit is a dog? What kind of dog? Is it cute? Is it loud? Can you make it go mute? somethin somethin rhymes with loud? NO I will not eat green eggs and ham i do not like them sam i am!

Gimme a break its 318 in the morning and I’m bored out of my mind.

Actually Poms were originally much larger (60-75 lbs) and were used to pull sleds. Hense the very thick coats. They are loyal and intelligent and so damn cute that they were bred down to the size they are now (8-10 lbs) usually about the size of a large house cat. I happen to share a birthday with my friends Pom named OJ. She thought about having his name changed for a while but now it’s OK.

1)It’s a dog
2)It’s very cute
3)It’s pretty damn loud for it’s size
4)I suppose you could make it go mute by having it’s vocal cords surgically removed, but that sounds mighty cruel to me
5)Proud, cloud, dowd, vowed and wowwed all rhyme with loud
6) EAT THE FRIGGIN GREEN EGGS, YA BASTARD!!! We both know you’ll like them.

How far could you throw one?

My Boston (Holy) Terror (I mean, terrier) owns me…

Dogzilla sez:

You don’t need to throw a Pomeranian… Just spray him with Endust and chase him under the bed!

Works wonders on all those dust bunnies…

Pomerania is on the Baltic coast, somewhere between Germany and Poland. (I say somewhere, because the entire area has been claimed by both Germany and Poland for centuries.) It is a flat, marshy plain, very cold in winter and not particularly warm in summer.

http://www.akc.org/breeds/recbreeds/pomer.cfm has information about the breed, as well as pictures.

Color me educated.