A problem with proclaiming your Dopership

After the umpteenth time in which I was asked “Do you do drugs?” while using a screenname that included “Doper” in it, I wonder why I used that name… It’s a fairly good icebreaker in message board/chatroom conversation though. It always gives me the giggles whenever I see that question, no matter how many times I’ve seen it before. Once, over AIM, some total stranger struck up a conversation with me about my screenname (SmokyJaguar) and how it relates to drugs (mainly marijuana). I wonder what would have happened if I’d talked to him under a screenname like SmokyDoper or something…

Anyways, just putting the M and P and S in MPSIMS… both Ses.

[sub]I always refer them to the StraightDope whenever my screenname raises questions, too. Wonder how many people actually look at this site, and how many are instantly repelled by the overwhelming aura of intelligence… :D[/sub]


I’m very sorry about that. I just couldn’t restrain myself.

It’s kinda like saying you’re a Hasher… combine that with being a Doper, and you get some really odd looks!

(No, I myself don’t run Hash, but my parents do.) [sub]Um. Not meant as it might seem folks. No hash on a leash here. Keep moving.[/sub] :wink:

<< Beer near? >>

I used to work in the print industry, in the pre-press department.

Explaining to people that I worked in the stripping department let to some amusing conversations. :smiley:

How do you think I feel? I’m a fourth-generation Main Liner!