A programmer's prayer

Hi all,

The other day I heard that the vatican might actually declare a patron saint of internet users and computer programmers. On a whim, I made a modification of The Lord’s Prayer. I reconfigured it to the spiritual needs of computer programmers. Here it is, hope you like!

Our objects, who art in heap storage
global be thy scope
thy variables init
thy protocols legit
in itteration, as it is in recursion
give up this day
our blocking thread
and forgive us our system crashes
as we rewrite those who link against us
and lead us not into preemption
but deliver us from virtual memory
for thine is the compiler, the assembler and the linker
for ever and ever

Maltese Chicken

St Vidicon of Cathode!

Protect us!

Sounds like a modernized version of the old one I learned in the early 80’s:

Our program, who art in memory,
Hello be thy name,
thy output come, if thy will be done,
at the printer as on the screen,
and give us this day our daily data,
and forgive us our syntax errors,
as we forgive those who use goto statements,
and lead us not into infinite loops,
but deliver us from system crashes.

Well well well, a fellow cheese head, cow tipper… Let me guess, Madison? Me, Milwaukee.

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