A Puzzlement

Why do you all look so disembodied?

Moving to and fro in a tug-of-peace-
and the brilliant knowing of being able to drop-
into an animal body sleeping far from the orbit of exploration?

I suspected something like that of you, MessyPaint. Knew something was up from the very first post of yours that I read. Even commented on it. Thanks for clarifying.

I thought so as well. A most visionary. Comforting. Goodnight, Zoe.

Well, that all made…sense?

My hair has no body, but that’s not what you meant, right?

We’re not. We’re over here. Next to the vegetables. Aisle 3.

I felt slightly disembodied over dinner Saturday night. I think my Shanghai shrimp mu fu was spiked. :confused:

I tried being disembodied. But I just couldn’t get into the spirit.

I’m disembodied? Oh, damn, where’d I forget my body now? runs off

You may beg, you may plead. You may argue with your logic.
And mention all the things I knew that really have no value.
In the end you will surely know…
I wasn’t born embodied.

This is the first time I’ve noticed your hair! That’s a start! I’m glad to see that you aren’t doing comb-overs. Have you thought about shaving your head? It would bring out your eyes. Oh, gosh. You have eyes! This is working out great!
(Bring out your eyes! Bring out your eyes!)

Wow! They were right! You are a conehead! Or is that a cornucopia on your head? Who are those vegetables you are next to? Wait! I recognize NoClueBoy!

That is a really strange coincidence. While I was having dinner Saturday night, also eating shrimp, (but at a Japanese restaurant), the face, neck, shoulder and one arm of Japanese actor Mefune appeared across the table from me. Have you ever grimaced at lot in movies?

Another possibility is that you ingested a shrimp that was meant to be used as a weapon and had come loose from its chain. That happens sometimes.

Do you always name your shrimp? That is weird.

You have it in the wrong order. First, get into the spirits and then try being disembodied. If all else fails, add some Pink Floyd. You really sound like you have enormous potential.

Aha! I caught you faking disembodiment! You just look that way. The fact that you ran off is a dead giveaway.

Begging and pleading I have down pat. I can grovel with the best of them. I can hold on to your ankles as you drag me across thorn bushes and gravel. But thank you for giving me your permission. I am most grateful. I never argue with my logic for I have none.

I can’t mention all the things you knew that really have no value. I’m not certain if it’s because there are too many things that you knew or because none of them were without value.

All in all, one on one, I agree with you in the end.

A reminder to those reading through the gibberish and nonsense:

FWIW: I only look disembodied. I am a real person. Don’t mislead yourself into thinking that I am less real because you cannot see or hear me. I don’t disappear when you log off your computer. I am part of your “real” world. And you are part of mine. For most of us that is a small and limited part. But it is real. Don’t be like the toddler who thinks he can’t be seen when he hides his face behind his hands.

Wow, now I’m compeletely discombobulated.