This is weird...

I was having dinner last night. As most of you know, it was out of a box. You know, the microwave or warm in a skillet variety of dinner.

The strange part - I opened the package and along with the expected dinner fare, I found one carrot. ??? Kinda creepy there only being one. It’s not like it’s supposed to have carrots either. What the ?

Dammit!! He’s on to us!! Everybody run!!!

You didn’t eat that carrot did you??
You could have turned it in to Birds-Eye for a free Hummer.

Hell, not eating a single carrot is easier than not eating multiple carrots.

Mind you, with those out of a box meals it was prbably only noticable because it was vaguely orange.

It’s a conspiracy. It’s all a conspiracy.

::walks away, twitching nervously::

That twarn’t no carrot, man! That’s a damn finger!!

Budget Gourmet is people! It’s people!!!

[quick hi-jack]

Smeghead -a fellow Red Dwarf fan?

[/quick hi-jack]

Mmm., a tasty preprocessed sign of the end times TV Dinner, from the good people at Bobbit Incorporated. It’s good for the kids, and good for you. That’s right, Bobbit Incorporated. Loaded with so many preservatives, you won’t ever die.

[hijack]who the hell with PBS isn’t? [/hijack]