Aaaiiieee! Ack! GACK!! GACK! blehblah ptooey! Gack!

I was just sittin’ here with my little plastic bag of peeled carrots that I purchased from the market. Yum yum. Munch munch.

Hmmm…now that’s odd. The carrot I just put in my mouth has a strangely soft lump on the side of it…?

I removed carrot from my mouth before biting (THANK GOD!). There is a strange gray lump on the side of the carrot. At first I think that it is a rotton soybean. But wait…it’s pulsating! ** It’s A FUCKING SLUG!!! AND IT IS ALIVE!!! AND IT WAS IN MY MOUTH AND I RAN MY TONGUE OVER IT!!! **

Hence the title of this thread.

Thank you.


[homer]Mmmmm… Sluggy[/homer]

If you had simply ate the slug you would have never had to know what it was.:slight_smile:

I figure you can count that as a caterpillar. Your nutritional value would have been

Protein 6.7g and Iron 13.1mg

(taken from Insect Recipes )

How could you pass up the nutritional value. You know every woman needs alot of iron in her diet.

Next time, peel your own carrots! :slight_smile:

… ya know, slugs may be pretty nutritious…

Did it taste like a banana?

Just try to think of it as escargot tartare.

Beatle your reply seems a little cannibalistic to me. Definitely creaped me out. :slight_smile:

But by the way did you hear about the snail that wanted an S painted on top of his race car. That way when he went by everyone would yell “look at the S car go”

Know what?
If I found that there was a slug in my mouth, I would have instantaneously vomited all over myself.


there is a slug fest in calif i believe, where they have slug cook offs. i seem to remember reading about slug pizza.

remember to wash and examine all fruits and vegetables before eating.

deb, when I was young that was a Barracuda joke. :wink:

You sick wench!! GROSS!

What’s worse than finding a slug on your carrot?

Finding half a slug.


:: shudders ::

That was the bit that got me. That’s GROSS.

:: makes mental note to always buy unpackaged carrots as it’s not worth the time saved if I’m going to have to eat slugs ::

Until one day you started screaming in agony and your stomach burst open to reveal the mass of slugs that had been growing inside you. :eek:

:eek: This is officially the grossest, most disgusting thing I’ve ever read on this board. And I’ve read about felching, squicking and Whammo’s feet. <insert Mr. Yuk face here about 700 times>

I want you all to know I’ve named it Joe and I’m considering keeping it as a pet. After all, it’s been in my mouth! Only beings I feel very close to get to be in my mouth.


And ** Kat **, I’m very glad to have provided you the “most” something…


Ick. You could say, “This is my pet slug Joe, we’ve been extremely intimate, but now we’re only friends. Remember, according to our last president it’s not REALLY sexual relations. Though he does smoke tiny cuban cigars.”

God. What a profoundly disgusting thread.


Just reading the OP was a near-vomiting experience for me. I’ll never eat a carrot again without thinking of you, Stoid. And Joe.


I’m going to brush my teeth now. I’m suffering from Sympathetic Slug Mouth Syndrome.

Luckily for you slugs are pretty slow, otherwise it might have tried to have it’s way with your tongue.

Friend of mine was camping one night al fresco, and woke with a scream when a slug drilled its um, sexual member, into her chin.

She now sleeps in a tent. Zipped up.

I would NEVER encourage the eating of slugs! :eek: