There my beer.

I was enjoying being outside. Until this…abomination crawled in my beer and I almost drank it. It WAS in my mouth briefly. WtFis it?

(Crossposting at Giraffe since I can can upload a photo there)

Omg. I would be still puking. How the heck did that happen?

I dunno. I was only outside with an open beer for maybe 15-20 min. I was distracted by seeing a firefly for the first time in 20ish yrs. Is it better or worse if it was in there from the factory?

I immediately went to a bar and ordered a bourbon straight to kill off germs…and feelings…and memories.

I don’t know if you have a slug there, but beer attracts slugs.

You have to register there and log in to see the image, apparently, so it would be better to post it on some site where you don’t have to do that.

Evidently. I think it’s a leach. Like that scarring scene from Stand By Me.

That is exactly what I would do. Maybe chase it with some GermX.
You may have ptsd, get therapy, quick.

That’s yarbles. But thanks for the heads up. I’m already three bourbons in so I ain’t gonna sign up for anything else right now. So until tomorrow, let’s just say that it is like an inch long grey, segmented worm like leachy thing. Beck, back me up here.

I linked directly to the image. You should be able to see it now.

That’s… Horrifying.

It…is. it really really is. I’ll be complaining about it for many weeks/months/yrs, I’m sure.

Thankee, kind sir.

Nope, still goes to the log-in page.

Nope. Says you have to be logged in to see it. Not gonna happen.

I dont blame you. I’ll try and remember to make an upload where everyone can share my horror tomorrow. Although I’m doing my best to never remember right now.

It’s truly gross.

whimmy wham-wham wozzel!

Funny. I made sure I was logged out when I tested it. Oh, well.

I dunno. The blond is kinda hot.