A Q for Mods

Just curious - how did you become moderators? Did you volunteer, or were you asked by admin?

Try here

I dunno about the rest, but I heard angelic voices, telling me to go liberate France. I replied that I wasn’t any Jonah of Ark, nor his cousin Noah, and the angelic voices said, “Oh, well, then, how about moderating Straight Dope?”

Funny, I always pictured you as married to **Joan Van Ark **the actress. We’re you announced as being with her in the front row at the Emmies when she was up for the 1997 miniseries “Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac” ?

But then I suppose there are a lot of C K Dexter Havens at the Emmies.

No way! Angels don’t have that kind of sense of humor.