Did Lynn step down?

I noticed **Marley23 **is now helping out in GD and knew there were other changes and when I looked at the forum leaders I no longer see **Lynn **listed.

Moderating is a part time leisure activity. Sometimes real life situations interrupt and we need a break. Lynn is currently going through one of those times. We’ll see her when she can come back.

This question, along with your participation in and former adminstration of one of the Benedict Arnold boards, brands you a trouble-maker.

Sez you.

But no one else.

The point of this being?

That’s hardly true. The lurkers support me in email. :wink:


Here you go.

This is a completely different thread on a totally different subject.

If you wish to hold forth on that other thread this is not the appropriate place for it.

The level of your disingenuousness is truly staggering.

And with that I’ll drop it.

What Exit? is surely not the problem here. Thanks for threadshitting.

What I wrote above was not threadshitting, ma’am. I know this because I have threadshat long ere this. For instance, I used to have a bad habit of getting into silly discussions about minor word usage isses. I’m too lazy to look up specific examples, but I seem to remember Anaamika rightfully calling me on an instance of my doing so in a thread either lissener or I started. It would also be threadshitting if I were to, for instance, enter a thread on one of the the latest King Kong movie by saying “Return of the Kings sucks and anyone who says otherwise is a filthy Welshman!”

What I was doing above, and am doing in this post, is criticizing the administration of the board. Rather obliquely, I admit. I haven’t done so often, but that’s mostly because the Pit and I are not friends.

You are right, however, when you say that What Exit? is not the problem either in this thread or in the atmosphere of this board, which may or may not have contributed to Lynn’s stepping down.

What are y’all talking about?

Signora Bodoni is not an active moderator at this time, Lib, though I believe she is still listed as an administrator. What Exit? was asking why. Tuba answered in a fashion some might call elliptical, given the fact that a thread was recently opened detailing moderator changes and Lynn’s change of duty was not mentioned in that time.

Lynn took a powder.

**'Texit **asked " 'Sup?"

Tuba answered “Life be’s dat way sometime. Nothing to see here, move on.”

Skald took offense at the lack of transparancy.

He and Tuba got pissy with each other.

You asked a question.

I answered it.

Nope, what you did was thread shit.

The OP, **What Exit? ** asked a question about the realignment of the mods, noticing that Lynn was no longer listed in the Pit.
tubadiva answered that question.

If you needed to start another discussion about your dissatisfaction with the moderation of the board, you should have started another thread. At least, IMHO.

Skald didn’t “take offense”. He said “Where be my transparency muhafuckas?” Then he moved his big puffy jacket to the side a little bit to reveal his piece while glaring at you threateningly and confrontationally.

You are assuming I am dissatisfied with the moderation of the board. I have made no such statement to that effect. What is true, however, is that I sometimes tire of pretense.

That is not true, though I see how you could misinterpret it. In the first place, though I am significantly more African-American than the fellow in the Oval Office, it has been pointed out to me on more than one occasion that I cannot believably speak or even type in my people’s idiom. Thus I do not use the word muhafucker. Second, as a nerd, neither carry a piece nor wear a big puffy jacket; I wear sweater-vests and carry a blunder-buss. Third, it is not the lack of transparency that vexes me. I do not expect this board to be transparent; unlike Mellophant, the management has made no such claim to such behavior, and I don’t even believe such is obligatory. I responded as I did because it seems pointless to expect such a thing. But I would be happier if the administrators would simply admit that they do certain things for reasons they shall not share, because the tenor of the statements I linked to is such that no other response is credible.

So, you assumed that Lynn was dropped from the Pit because of her responses in the threads to which you linked? You’d be wrong.

How about if she was dropped because of real life medical things? I’m not saying the Lynn was dropped from the Pit because of any such thing, just postulating that there could be a reason that you are not privy to, AND, it involved NOTHING about her recent postings.

When you say “no other response is credible,” you’re just wrong. Absolutely wrong in this case.

I made no assumption, Sir. Note that I have not opined that Lynn was dropped against her will. I prefer to think that she won the Powerball jackpot last night, is still giggling gleefully at her sudden good fortune, and shall return to our midst at her leisure. Presumably with great quantities of pie, what with being a millionaire and all.

Though you have quoted my exact words, you have removed the context in which they appear. Permit me to remind you:

That does not imply anything about the reason for Lynn’s hopefully-brief refrigerium from moderation. Rather, it comes right out and shouts that (a) certain elements of the board administration are not for the members, and (b) the recent history of the board is such that many members would be suspicious of any but the most innocuous explanation anyway.

Being on staff here should not mean you have to tell people all your personal business.

She asked for time off and we gave it to her. If she wants you to know why she’ll come here and tell you, she has privileges here and can read and post and etc. She can even moderate if she feels like it but she’s not obligated to look after any particular forum.

I can tell you it has nothing to do with the recent moderator changes or anything she has said or done here. She’s taking a break and she’ll be back. Which is what I said before.

I did not say that she had to tell us all her personal business. In fact, I don’t think she or you or samclem or Ed have to tell us your personal business. Only Sampiro is required to share his personal business, because his stories are so funny.

But what I said wasn’t good enough for you – you had to drag in other, more fightworthy stuff. Wasn’t about any of that at all but you have done your best to make it so. Why did you feel that was necessary?

You’ve been acting like a jerk and with no reason to do so other than stir up shit. You’ve derailed this entire thread where someone was merely asking a polite question; now it’s all about you.