A "Quasi-Mini Pit": Toilet Paper.....

… that don’t start right.:slight_smile:

How much trouble is it to fold that first sheet off the roll over, and then “tack” it, rather than the way some of it is now?

My arthritic fingers sometimes just can’t manage stuff like that, and those little “whisps” of paper seem to just take forever till you get to that first real sheet.

And don’t even get me started on that plastic package-sealing tape the post office sells?

You ever lose the “start” of that (unless you’re reaaal careful and fold it over, before cutting it), you’ll never find the start of it again, if you have numb fingertips…


I don’t come in here that often, so I try to keep my rants light. (These days!:wink:


Then there was the time I tried to seal my parcels with toilet paper and taped my ass shut.



Thanks, Jimmy Joe!


No offense intended Quasi, but I’m going to move this from The BBQ Pit to Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share.

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My first thought was, a rant about runnin’ out of tp, which is just inexcuseable!

No one should ever run out of tp. There is no such thing as too much!

That bein’ said, I hear ya Quasi. It’s like they use superglue to seal the roll. I always end up with a big hunk of tp when I start a new roll. I can’t get it started without it lookin’ like I just ripped into about the first quarter of the roll.

Of course, my excuse is not arthritic fingers.

I’m just a klutz.

And absolutely none taken, G!:slight_smile:

I am a gentler, kinder, medically-enhanced Quasi these days!

Hoping to avoid the frontal-lobotomy, however!

WARNING: If you’ve never seen “Cuckoos’ Nest” Do NOT go to the link below! I am only using this as SATIRE as it pertains to ME!

Also, swampbear?

I would never run out of tp!

Extra napkins everywhere! Stock up!



Since the subject is toilet paper, I’ll add my rant that the end of the paper is supposed to go over the top of the roll, not under. Under is just…wrong.

Quasimodem, I’ve cursed and picked at tape rolls too many times in the past - now I’m careful to fold the end over so I can find it again.

Of course it goes over the top. Why would you want your TP up against the wall???

Quasi as one who has dedicated at least one and a half percent of my life preaching the virtue of never having too much tp, you make me proud! Proud, I say!

Oh, and I always have plenty of napkins too. :smiley:

I dont’ worry too much how the tp is facing, but I will say over the top seems to be the more convenient way.

I gave up and started keeping a butter knife under the sink - slide it under the top layer of tp and split the perforations near the welded joint. Works like a charm and doesnt leave shreds dangling.

Easier to reach when you’re drunk?

It don’t match the “white”, and it kinda hangs down for the next user, making it “user-friendly” tp.? :wink:

[Danny Kaye}"Aihm an oelt MENN! Keff, Keff[/Danny Kaye]

Just trying to be still uselul, before I’m relegated to a W-M “Greeter”.

Prolly suck at **that ** too, though:

"Heyyyyyy! Welcome to Wally! How 'bout that “STRAIGHT DOPE”, huh??? Heh-Heh-Heh lleer

God, I miss my WoW!


Hey a!:slight_smile:

Greetings to you and the “hubster”!

Miss my in-game guru, and if I could, I’d be in Azerotth right this minute!

Family’s all gone out to eat, and it’s just me and the “Laig”.

Can’t wait to get back “home”.

Thanks, Hon!

Q and Wolkie and Silka (and Heather)

**:)Shhhhhhh! Don’t you dare breathe this to a SOUL, **swampbear[/B, but I still have a 12 pack of “Kost-Kutter” TP left over from Y2K! I guess I thought I would find food! :)]

(It’s Quasi’s form of “poetic license”, chirrun! If you can’t see the text above, just left-click mouse over it…)




I hope you mean napkins in the American sense of the word, swampy, because I immediately wondered why you would keep a bunch of diapers on hand. g (This is what I get for working with people from all over the world, especially the ones who learned British English, plus our resident Aussie…)


Since you brought it uo, whiterabbit

I once had to endure a severe verbal lashing from the once and present wife, because… one night, at a “Hooters Wings Special”, my wife asked for “plenty of napkins”, and I added:

“Would you make sure that these are all SANITARY NAPKINS?”

And the whole damn table got quiet, because “sanitary napkins” in the US , *used * to be a name for “Kotex”, “Tampons”, “Clampax Pontoons” and who the hell knows what else???

I just wanted to make sure they were clean and hadn’t any fly-shit on 'em, fer Chrissakes!

Look it up: Sanitary:



:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

“Napkin” has interesting meanings outside the US, doesn’t it? g

Actually it can be easier that way to tear it off one-handed. Comes in handy when you don’t want to put that page-turner you’re reading even for the time it takes to clean up…