A (quasi-political) McDonalds question for non-U.S. dopers

Insert D’oh! here…

I beg your pardon, I didn’t hear you well. Could you repeat that?

If you insert the D’oh! there, you’ll never get biscuits.

wow thats weird, I don’t know what happened there. Anyway, here’s what it should say:

Do you oppose, support, or not care at all about McDonald’s expansion into your home country?

You mean the United States? I opposed it from the very beginning, but no one listened to me now, did they? Must be that special sauce.

I am not well-versed in the deeper political issues that might cause one to hate McDonald’s, but I personally hate it for the same reason that I hate Starbucks: it’s huge, it’s culture-specific, it’s nasty and bad for you, and it’s EVERYWHERE. To make matters worse, neither McDonald’s or Starbucks are by any means the best in terms of actual quality. There are plenty of better burger joints and Starbucks coffee is the worst, but they sell that American image and they make enough money to get away with it.

Having said that, McDonald’s Coke is still the best.

Isn’t McDonalds pretty much “everywhere”, already? :confused:

The countries listed here are just the ones with websites, but all together there are Mickey D’s in 121, count 'em, 121 countries.

I’m not sure what happened there either, OP. But this belongs in IMHO, not GQ.

On the one hand, I couldn’t care less whether Maccas has an Australian presence or not, if they can make money here good on 'em. But… but I don’t like it that there is no real Australian alternative. I don’t like the Americanisation (and Maccas is just one part) of Australian culture.

I guess it comes down to the fact that I don’t like it that Australians (especially kids) seem to have a massive inferiority complex about America (and most of the rest of the world), and don’t realise that Australia is a wonderful country. Maccas isn’t the cause, but they’re a symptom.

I still go to Maccas. It’s quick. It’s cheap. It’s unhealthy… And I love it.

Hey, Robin - The Outback Steakhouse just emailed me back. Their “real Aussie burger” with lettuce and egg is called “The Bugger”. :slight_smile:

::must not make joke about then we all know where they can stuff their burger::

I’m not keen on McDonalds because of their anti-union stance and their use of casual labour. We don’t eat there by choice.

I’d have to second Prima’s comments about the use of casual labour by the large US based fast food chains (although McD’s is by no means the worst offender).

That said, it was our government which introduced enterprise bargaining and we should hardly be surprised if powerful corporations exploit it for their own ends.

I avoid McD’s because I simply don’t like their food and would rather patronise a “mum and dad” milkbar which makes hamburgers which TASTE like hamburgers.

reprise I worked at McD 22 years ago long before enterprise bargaining entered the picture and no union was allowed on site. If we joined a union we were sacked without recourse.

Agree 100%


Funny, I went the other direction. While I was extremely anti-rascist, I did have a very uncharitable anti-American streak. Conversing with heaps of Americans on these boards has completely made me re-think that stance, and I’ve come to know and like Americans much better.

And this :

Is so true ! Don’t you just love the huge ‘Aussie’ burger, with heaps of everything, including some runaway beetroot ! And the cheese is tasty, and the salad makes a crunchy noise when you eat it, not just sitting there all wilted and sorry for itself ! Mmmmm, I think we might have home-made burgers for dinner :slight_smile:

How Americanized is your culture when you call Micky D’s “Maccas”? What the hell is that? You wacky Aussies! :smiley:

In the UK Mc Donalds are like an infestation, they are everywhere, I even had the misfutune to work in one for about a year, how no one ever got food poisoning from our store I know not!

Americans have it good, they get free refils, what do we get? we get to pay for any additional sauses we want, thats what. :mad:
Long live KFC!

I have no problem with McD expanding further in my country (Sweden). They´ve been here since the early 70s I believe and there are quite many restaurants now.

I don’t know exactly what the question was, but following on from other posters - it is terribly sad to see already fat Arabic children gorging themselves on the sugar, fat and preservative-packed horror that emerges from the yellow arches. Particularly when obesity and diabetes are already reaching epidemic in this region. And when other ethnic foods so readily available here (Thai, Lebanese, Indian/Pakistani) lose out to McCrap.

Re Starbucks: I hate what Starbucks stands for. And I hate that its coffee is bitter and crap. And I hate that an iced coffee costs US$4-5 here. But despite all that I am totally addicted to Starbucks iced lattes in the boiling hot 45c weather, and the fact that you can order some anal thing like decaf skim iced latte no cream extra hazelnut syrup and (a) have them get your order 100% correct every time and (b) not get an expression of shock, horror or resentment for your hyper-anal order.

I just wish they’d stop filling everything with sugar. Their sauce tastes like tomato jam. And Pepsi - the devil’s urine.

Go Burger King.

Damn, when your luncheon options include a pork pie and a pint of Bass at the local and the best Indian takeout outside of New Delhi, why are you Brits even THINKING of eating US-imported fast food?

Living in NYC (not really part of the United States anyway, as most people living to the west of the Hudson will attest), I can walk a short distance and get a Cubano sandwich, a Jamaican meat pie, a souvlaki with yogurt sauce, a Vietnamese pate and cucumber salad sandwich, a Kosher frank with kraut, or the best pizza on this side of the Atlantic.

It’s the poor schlumpfs who live in the strip malls of America that I feel bad for, whose options are limited to McD’s, BK, and Wendy’s.

You mean they serve food at McDonald’s?
Are you sure?
Because everything I’ve ever had there tasted like cardboard and made me sick.