Anyone else here love Mc Donalds?

Contrary to what alot of people feel about the franchise, I love Mc Donald’s, great food, great limited edition offers, specials, and I like the variation of meals if I travel to a different country, plus their milkshakes and ice-creams are by far the best compared to other fast food franchises.

How about you guys?

I wouldn’t say “love”, but I really like them. Jim Gaffigan has a whole routine on it.

I am not a huge fan of their basic burger, but the Triple Cheeseburger($2!) is good and the Big Mac is still a great burger. Their shakes are great, too, and I’m a big fan of their McNuggets.

They mainly lack in fish. I haven’t had a good seafood offering there, but that is pretty standard for fast food.

I love McDonald’s, and I don’t understand why people rag on it. No, it’s not haute cuisine, but hey, you get what you pay for! I especially love their Royal Deluxe, as they’re called in Russia.

A burger and fries now and then ain’t gonna kill anyone. And their coffee is second to none. Some of the happiest memories I have are taking my daughter to McD’s after church every Sunday and watching her put fries on her Filet O’ Fish.

‘Love’? No.

But I do like a Big Mac or a Filet-O-Fish once in a while. Like Jack In The Box tacos or Wienerschnitzel chili-cheese dogs.

Know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France?

They don’t call it a Quarter-Pounder? :dubious:

No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn’t know what a Quarter Pounder is.

You left out the “fuck”! :smiley:

McDonald’s is the quintessential fast food restaurant, so when people think of them, they think of all that they like and dislike about fast food in general.

Plus, I sort of think of them as “fast food for kids,” since they’ve always marketed more heavily to children than the other fast food chains have.

Is there a Steak ‘n’ Shake near you?

The only thing I really like there are the french fries. I always ask if I can wait for fresh french fries. When they are hot and fresh and salty…mmm delicious.

Yeah, but you still should kept running with it 'til we got to Burger King.

Personally, I am a sucker for le Big Mac. But the food is terribly addictive and I am weak. So I try not to go to McD’s more than a few times a year. I fail. But I try.

I can do without their burgers and chicken nuggets and such, but give me McDonald’s breakfast anytime! The Big Breakfast, the Big Breakfast With Hotcakes, their hashbrowns, their biscuits- with and without their wonderful sausage patty, their muffins, their scrambled eggs, their “poached” eggs that appear on the muffins. They have good coffee, too.
If I didn’t give a crap about my cholesterol and circulation, I could eat that stuff every day, I’m sure of it. (I’ve never tried it.)

How could I forget the breakfasts, Sausage Mc Muffins are the excellent, as well as their hash browns.

I agree, the fries, when hot and fresh, are about the only thing McDonalds does better than other, better fast food chains. My problem is that, in my experience, the fries are hot and fresh only about 40% of the time at best.

Fries are great of course.

McFlurries (Oreo) are great. Had a vanilla shake and it was unbelievably bad.

I never liked their burgers even as a child. They just taste cheap and off to me in general although a cheeseburger from the dollar menu is good enough to reflect just about what I think any of their burgers is worth and I have gotten those occasionally. Burger King is still much better for a quick burger though.

Their fries are really good and their Chicken McNuggets are better than other versions. If I go there, I usually get a grilled chicken sandwich which is pretty good but not that cheap.

I haven’t been to any McDonalds in a few years. The main reason I used to go was for their hot mustard sauce. I love that shit on everything but I heard they discontinued it but caught so much (extremely justifiable) flak that they brought it back to some locations or something like that. I don’t know if any of my local franchises have the coveted hot mustard sauce and I am not motivated enough in general to research this very serious issue myself.

Breakfast is tops on the fast food food chain because they use a poached whole egg, and the muffin really cinches the deal. The scramble egg offerings just don’t cut it at McD’s or elsewhere.

They do have a good variety of burger offerings that seems to have gotten more sophisticated over the years yet still had the traditional loved tastes from childhood that never seems to get old.

It’s the loved king of fast food (sorry BK, the crown is worn by the clown)

I loved me a quarter pounder and fries way after most people my age and attitude had written McD’s off as too awful to even think about. Haven’t had any for years and years - except maybe in an airport or road plaza where it was the best quick option, a time or two.

I turn left into Burger King even though the right into McD’s would be easier. No good reason.

I used to really like McDonald’s, but the two in my town are such a pain to get in and out of that I’d rather go almost anywhere else. We have Burger King, Taco Bell, Roy Rogers, and Arby’s that are much easier to access. If I’m on the road though, I do have a weakness for a Double Quarter Pounder (No onions).

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, no pickles no onions! Yum.

Also, McNuggets no sauce.

Also, sausage egg and cheese McMuffin and hash browns.