Poll: McDonald's fries and Big Macs are substandard, even for fast food

Look, I’m no food snob. I eat high-quality food. I eat junk food. I have my favorite sushi bar, which I can’t get out of less than $80 for dinner for two. I also jumped with joy when a Taco Bell Cantina opened near me.

I occasionally eat at McDonald’s. Often it’s because I’m in a hurry and there aren’t any other drive-throughs around. Sometimes it’s because I have a specific craving for junk food.

When I do go, I might be there for an Egg McMuffin, or a Sausage and Egg McMuffin, or a Chicken Biscuit, or a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, or a McDouble, or a few McNuggets, or, most often, just a Cheeseburger or two. They’re cheap. They’re tasty. The satisfy a particular craving.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and fast food often comes up, and it’s very common for me to hear folks talking about how great McDonald’s fries are and how a Big Mac is their personal vice.

But, come on, can we be real? McDonald’s fries are pretty much the worst fries you can get anywhere. They’re not even potatoes. They’re tiny, flavorless, textureless, extruded strings made from some kind of potato-like meal.

They’re moderately edible when you get them hot (they smell nice), but as soon as they cool, which is within about 10 minutes or so, they have the flavor and texture of wet corrugated cardboard.

Annnnyyyone’s fries are better than McDonald’s. Anything made from an actual potato that is sliced and cooked is better than McDonald’s fries.

And the Big Mac … hands down, McDonald’s worst-tasting sandwich. It’s got a flavorless, pointless, extra slide of bread, and flavorless “special sauce.” Far inferior to a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Am I right, or what?

Yeah, they’re under cooked and Hunts ketchup is an abomination.

I don’t get the appeal.

Wendy’s all the way.

But you’re wrong about the Big Mac being Micky Ds worst sandwich, that goes to the fish sandwich.

The fries? Explicably, the best.

I eat very little fast food. If I’m going to eat a burger I want freshly ground filet cooked rare buy sous vide. But, if I have to eat fast food, I won’t turn down a big mac and fries.

I don’t even eat McDonald’s fries and burgers, and I still hate them. When someone brings them on the bus, it stinks up the whole bus.

Burger King makes a sandwich called the Big King XL that’s like a Big Mac on steroids. I’m not a big Burger King fan, but it’s a pretty damn tasty sandwich.

And McDonald’s fries are good but not great. Of the fries from the big three chains, I’d put them below Wendy’s fries but ahead of Burger King’s.

The fries? They’re OK.

The Big Mac is perfect when you want a Big Mac. (Also, the Filet-O-Fish is perfect.)

Yeah, Burger King fries are the worst.

Obviously, I’ve eaten them occasionally. Otherwise, how could I have an opinion about them. But any other fast food is better. Even any other item on McDonald’s own menu.

McD’s fries ARE the best. But only under very specific conditions (as with all fries).

The fries have to be fresh right out of the fryer. And the guy working the fryer needs to be very generous with the fry salt. Salting them yourself with the salt provided at the table is nowhere near the same.

I like their fries just fine, but Big Macs are ok at best. I mean, back in the day when they’d run 99 cent Big Mac specials, they were decent enough, but not much beyond that.

And what’s wrong with Hunt’s ketchup anyway? It’s not Whataburger ketchup, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

Your wrong. McD’s has a unique taste which is intentional, you want that taste you go there, deviation from this plan will end up in very sad children. The Big ac has too much breading which absorbs taste, get a double 1/4 pounder (hold ketchup and if in that area mustard) add mac sauce (or order it on the side as that is free) and you will taste what God eats s fast food (though that was with their old beef patties not the new ‘fresh’ ones. The fries used to be better but ain’t bad.

McDonald’s fries are the best fast food fries. McDonald’s fries in 10 minutes are the worst fast food fries.

Well, Heinz has refused to incorporate my idea into their advertising, but:

Hunts is for c*nts

The fries are good but you have to eat them pretty much IMMEDIATELY. Even 5 minutes of sitting can turn them from crispy potato goodness into limp, mushy nothing. If you’ve only had McDonalds fries after they’ve been sitting, then no wonder you don’t like them. You have to eat them as soon as they’re served.

Oh, hardly. There are lots of fries out there that are still worth eating half an hour later. Mickey D’s fries, as the OP correctly says, are not among them.

Mickey D’s fries are the hothouse flower of French fries.

If you read my OP carefully, my friend, you’ll see I have not “only had McDonald’s fries after they’ve been sitting.”

I would eat them if I were starving, but not on the first foodless day. Maybe not the second.

There have been several attempts to document how long McDonalds fries remain edible/good. Here is one such attempt.

Well, it looks like my opinion is supported by science: