A question about a line from "The Day After Tomorrow"

In the scene in the library where Sam goes over to comfort Laura (I think that was her name) with her spell of sickness, she says something along the lines of “…everything I’ve ever wanted…everything I’ve ever worked for…only to have the future take it away”

I swear I’ve heard this line before. Am I going crazy? I know it’s a “real” quotation! And seeing as they were discussing books just before that, I’ve no doubt it was a clever trick on the writers’ parts.

There’s a bumb-badump-badump-bump in the middle of the prarie.

You think the writers of that movie had clever tricks up their sleeves?

A quick google search didn’t come up with anything, but you’ve probably heard it in umpteen million Afterschool Specials where the main character didn’t get into the college of their choice or had to get a summer job or something.

Congratulations, you just put more thought into that movie than the entire crew.