"Normally, you'd be 100% right, but..."

“…this time, you’re 100% wrong.”

Does anybody know where this quote comes from originally? I caught a bit of an episode of Star Trek Enterprise the other night where Captain Archer used it, and I recognised it from Kill Bill, Vol. 2. Uma says it to the assassin that comes to kill her right after she discovers she’s pregnant.

Since both KB movies are chock-full of references to both film and television, I’m wondering if Tarantino pulled the line from somewhere else.

Anybody know?

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Have I truly stumped the Dope, or does everyone just hate me?

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You expected Dopers to know the answer to this obscure movie question. Normally, you’d be 100% right, but…

Sorry. I did some google searching to try and help out, but all I found was references to Kill Bill.

Marley23: You have succeeded in cracking me up for the evening.

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It’s very possible that the line originated with Kill Bill, but with so many things in that (those) movie(s) that didn’t originate with them, I thought it might be a fair bet that it was derived from something earlier.

Anyway, thanks for the response. I was starting to feel unloved.



Your valentine says you “Choo-choo-choose” me and it has a picture of a train.

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No, seriously: thanks. I Googled, too; and couldn’t find anything, either. I thought someone might be on the fabled “Inside Track”, or something.

“Hypnosis to Stop Smoking” says the underlying advertisement.

But it’s for my glaucoma!

No problem, Dijon. I wanted to post that as soon as I saw your thread, but I figured it wouldn’t make sense. It actually worked better a day later. :wink: Sorry if that left you feeling unloved.

Much appreciated. Now I’m intrigued.

It seems strange to believe that Star Trek: Enterprise would be quoting Kill Bill directly (although it theoretically could happen), but it makes much more sense to believe that both ST:E and KB had the same source (even if ST:E got it from KB).

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Anybody have an email for Quentin Tarantino or Uma Thurman? I’d really like to know this.

Wow…I ca’n’t believe I stumped the Dope.

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Aw, the hell with it. I got nothin’.

Yeah, me neither.

I kind of figured it was a line like “What we have here is a failure to communicate” or something, but I was just unfamiliar with the source.

I am officially intrigued, but stumped.