A question about cell phone accessories/enhancements

I recently ordered a new battery for my cellphone and received a free antenna booster as well as a ‘safe guard’ which supposedly reduces the harmful electromagnetic waves away from your brain by 99%. I installed these things anyway cause they were free and I’m a sucker but I’m wondering if they actually do work.


In any case, there’s no credible evidence that cell phone radiation poses any significant risk.

The cellphone radiation shield devices are typically either useless snake oil or technically functional, but useless and detrimental in practice.

The ones that simply don’t do anything are snake oil (one I saw consisted of a spiral metal tube filled with some kind of special water - you put the thing in your shirt pocket and it protects you by reinforcing your aura or something like that.

The ones that actually block electromagnetic radiation (and these typically take the form of some kind of metallised carry case) might work, but the electromagnetic waves are essential to the function of the phone - if you devised a device that blocks all electromagnetic emissions from the phone, it would just sit there telling you it couldn’t connect.
if you partially block the emissions, many phones will misinterpret this as being in a poor signal area and will ramp up the transmission power to compensate, resulting in you being exposed to exactly the same level of emissions, but running your battery flat at a much faster rate.

And the antenna booster…

If it was really that easy to boost the antenna with a cheap part, the cellphone manufacturer would have put it on there. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose by not maximizing the effectiveness of the instrument.

Hmm, very true.

Thanks for the responses.

-peels off sticker ‘upgrades’-