Cell Phone Brain Saver Stick-On Thingies.. Do they work? Hype?

I’m seeing this new influx of commercials on TV about these stupid metallic stickers that you can put on your cell phone to “direct the waves” away from your head, theoretically protecting your brain from “harmful radiation” that cell phones give off.

To me, it looks like I could accomplish the same result with a piece of tin foil and some double sided tape, but to what extent do these things actually save your brain or redirect waves?

There is a web site at http://www.stopthewavestore.com/wsgold.htm (mods, feel free to edit out if you feel inappropriate) that sell these things and explain how they work, but do they work? Where does radiation/discharge come from mostly in a cell phone?

Even simpler, buy some copper foil tape and stick it right on the phone.

In any case, it probably won’t help any. Almost all the RF from a cell phone is radiated by the antenna, which means you’d have to either cover up the antenna (which would probably have an adverse affect on the cell phone range ;)), or cover up your head. Internal sections of the cell phone are already shielded.


The metal patch in the add you linked to is “about the size of a penny”, which is too small to do much shield at cell phone RF wavelengths (about 1 foot).


So don’t throw away your tinfoil hats, folks! There might be a use for them after all!

I’d vote that they work. Using this device, there is no plausible way for the RF radiation to give you cancer, or any other harmful effects.

Of course, the same can be said using a plain cell phone with no extra shielding.

From the website linked in the OP:



MATERIAL TESTED: WaveShield / Shieldron

LABORATORY: Kansai Electrical Corp. (KEC) Japan (leading testing authority in Japan)

LABORATORY: American Society of Testing & Materials, USA (method: ASTM D-4935-99)

LABORATORY: Global Certification Laboratories, Ltd.

Near-field electromagnetic measurements"

Can this be verified? Is it just jibberish? I’m still at work and don’t have time to search.

ASTM D-4935 is a near-field RF shielding standard, although I don’t actually have a copy, so I can’t check it out. Near-field RF measurements are very difficult to do in a reproducible manner, especially if a “human” is part of the system. Differences in the way a user grips the phone, head shape, distance from head to phone, and differences in the “head” cell (used to simulate a human head) all contribute to lack of reproducibility, and meaningfulness in the real world.

Anyway, they did say it blocks up to 99%- so I assume this means they never saw it go over 99%, but doesn’t necessarily imply it ever got close.

They say it’s patented, but don’t give a patent number (or country). The US cell-phone shield patents I found were for much bigger shields, that covered the area between the antenna and the user’s head.

I think CurtC has the right idea. All we need is a roll of copper tape and a pair of scissors, and we’re in business!


Since cell phones don’t give off any harmful radiation, I’d have to say these things are pure gimmick, playing on the carcinophobias of the gullible masses.

There is absolutely no verifiable link between cellphone usage and brain tumors. In fact, one study found that your chances of developing brain tumors went down slightly with increased cell phone usage. Of course, no one really believes that, but it just goes to show that people can exploit normal statistical variation to tell whatever story they want. In the case of the cell phone scare, a bunch of people (mostly lawyers) wanted a bunch of money so they found some data from a poorly conducted set of experiments and tried to exploit them. Unfortunately for the lawyers, science stepped in and proved that there was, in fact, no correlation. Unfortunately, the media, in their zeal to find news wherever it might be hiding, won’t let the whole thing drop. Meanwhile, the cell phone manufacturers pump millions and millions of dollars into research to continue to demonstrate that there is no health risk and change designs to block non harmful radiation, simply to appease the frightened public… Of course, this multimillion dollar cost is passed back down to Joe Consumer…

As much as I hate cell phones, I have to agree that ther is no evidence linking them to increased cancer rates. This is just another gimmick designed to prey on the undereducated, hysterically-inclined masses.

I want a “shield” that prevents people from using the damn things while they’re driving!


I repeat, EVERYTHING, as in all things, causes cancer!

Save yourself by hiding in a hole for your whole life and you will find that the moisture levels in the hole cause cancer … live in Tibet? … common Tibet foods are known carcinogens before you know what hit you … bike to work to avoid cars? … turns out the stuff that your handlebars are made out of are carcinogens … eat tofu? … carcinogen!!

Deal with it, move on.

Beat me to it, did’ja? Well…

…which only proves that you are less likely to get a brain tumor if you die in a car crash! :smiley: