A Question about Japan--Tobacco Pipes.

I’ve seen old drawings & prints from Japan, in which both men & women were smoking tobacco in small pipes. There pipes were ceramic or metal, & had a tiny bowl.

What are they called?


“Japanese pipes called”

Don’t won’t to spoil it for you, but you’ll get a quick answer.


Google said that this did not match any documents.

BTW, Tony Randall as “Dr. Lao” smoked one in The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao.

However, since he was Chinese, I wonder if they are/were popular in China, too.


I got “kiseru” right off the bat. (I didn’t include quote marks, if that makes a difference, though.)

I think the word you want is [link deleted].

That link is a no-no at work, people! :eek: :smack:

Oops, sorry - I only saw the pictures and didn’t realize it referred to, um, non-tobacco uses of the pipe.